Vermut Jazz once again fills Casinet d’Hostafrancs on Sundays in May and June

Vermut Jazz once again fills Casinet d’Hostafrancs on Sundays in May and June

he Vermouth Jazz Fill the yard again Hostafranks Casino On Sundays in May and June. The Vermut Jazz is a cycle featuring leading figures in Catalan jazz and new groups bringing free jazz to the neighborhood Saints – Montjuïc Accompanied by good wine.

The Vermut Jazz is a cycle of concerts held annually in the Hostafranquí area, hosted weekly Various jazz musical formations, including trios, quartets or quintets. Through this course, it is possible to bring a musical genre such as jazz into Casinet in a closed-minded format For all audiences.

to’Edward Garciafrom the technical management table of Garages – Casino “Vermut Jazz is an activity,” he asserts Very pleasant“And the progress that this year is there.”Very powerful program“El Vermut Jazz comes with good music and a very fun way to enjoy it, with wine, outdoors, in good weather,” says Edward.

Vermut Jazz starts this Sunday May 19 At 1:30 p.m. with a performance Paul OmedesWho presented his latest album,Delicious time”, published only April 2024. Aumedis is a trumpeter and composer from Barcelona who translates “typical compositions of post-pop sound with touches of Afro-Cuban music, providing a fresh, powerful and dynamic air”.

The session will continue with group performance Anthos QuintetSunday June 2 Also at 12:30 p.m. this quintet presents a proposal with touches of swing, Latin jazz and ballads, rediscovering Nat King Cole. Anthos Quintet “reveals the portrait of the African-American singer, a soul whose voice spoke of the most extraordinary emotion a human being can feel, love.”

Next sunday June 9 It will be a turnOuter Space, which will take third place in Vermut Jazz at Casinet d’Hostafrancs. Outer Space will present their third LP, “Retro“, with added sound Marina Curbelo. The neighborhood will be able to enjoy the Barcelona band that “shares new emotions, with compositions full of groove, soul, African-American rhythms, Ethiopian melodies and hypnotic harmonies.”

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And finally to’Ivan Ilyich’s trio The Vermut Jazz Concert Series will conclude on Sunday June 16 At the same time. Ivan Ilyich Trio suggests A journey through jazzIt presents an educational concert that traces the history of this musical genre. The concert will include “well-known topics and a presentation of the styles that have emerged in the last one hundred and twenty years of history, and their relationship to social, political and cultural movements, as well as their relationship to other styles of music and art in the country.” general”.

You can find all information about the Vermut Jazz Concert Series on the website Next link.

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