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The Boys 3 Season Finale Review :: Today’s Blog

It happens on social networks that you come across gifs, memes, videos and satirical posts that include a black screen with the phrase “directed by Robert P. Wade”. Usually this image is used to close scenes and very short stories, the result of which is easy to understand in practice from the very beginning.

This image came to mind after watching Episode 8, the season finale boys 3. And even if we only said we told you (Why We told you soafter the first three episodes), in this article / review we want to explain the end boys 3 And the reasons why we’re probably facing one of the most exciting and unnecessary seasons in TV history.

Obviously, if you haven’t watched the latest episodes boys 3We advise against going ahead because from now on it is full of spoilers starting with Episode 8 synopsis.

Boys Patriot_S3_UT_304_210218_THIJAN_00201_1-2

How does The Boys 3 end, in a nutshell

So, the season finale takes us to the classic showdown. The Butcher and Heggy help a boy soldier take revenge on his former Payback teammates who handed him over to the Soviets (who knows if the boy soldier he met Huber Somewhere…), now there is only Black Noir left, whom his cartoon animal friends have persuaded not to hide anymore and face the old and ruthless boss.

We also found out that Soldier Boy is the biological father of citizenKnowing the sense of emptiness the Patriot has held since his childhood, it is easy to predict that this discovery will change his view of the soldier’s game.

We have definitive confirmation of this when, having tore the foil under his skin, Black Noir returned to Vogt’s Tower from which he ran, and went to Homelander with a sign that read “The soldier boy is coming, we kill”, or “The soldier is coming. We kill him.”

Homelander embraces “Prodigal Brother”, but then asks him if he knows the biological paternity of Soldier Boy. Noir says yes, that’s enough for Homelander to take him out with a punch that pierces his ex like a shot from Ken Shiro’s Hokuto School. Goodbye Black Noir, your cartoon friends made us appreciate even a killer like you, after all we understand your shock…

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Meanwhile, in the foreground childrenButcher flushes Hughie into the bus stop bathroom to prevent the one who reminds him of his lovable little brother from having to take another dose of V-Temporary, which would surely be fatal, to face the final battle.

The BoYs_S3_KeyArt

He goes with Soldier Boy to Vought’s headquarters, while Starlight goes to pick up Hughie, who at this point can only apologize for his behavior in previous episodes. Apologies accepted, let’s move on.

Meanwhile, Vought corners several young people from the LGBTQ+ community, who are protesting against a Homelander who is holding Queen Maeve. Then new CEO Ashley with The Deep decides to move Maeve to another location before the cops arrive to search the tower, but of course Maeve gets rid of her jailers in an instant and joins the boys.

At this point we have: The Butcher, Soldier Boy and Maeve who want to eliminate the Homelander at all costs; Hughie, Starlight, Frenchie, Kimiko, and MM who instead want to use novichock gas to put Soldier Boy “on ice” before he blows up Vought’s Tower in a fit of rage, killing thousands of people.

Maeve shuffles the cards by getting rid of the novichock, joining Butcher and Soldier Boy, and locking Starlight and the others into a safe room. However, the “good guys” manage to escape and head to the tower to try to salvage the situation.


And here we are in the final battle. Homelander tries to convince his father that they should not quarrel with each other but rather unite, and to ease him he introduces him to Ryan who decides at the beginning of the episode to say goodbye to “Aunt Grace” Mallory and be with his father. .

Soldier Boy seems convinced, but then it turns out he’s disappointed that his son has been crying waffles and decides to confront him. Ryan steps in to save his father, and drives Private Boy away. But he who does not respect his grandson and in turn pushes him away.

At this point, the tipping point: Ryan’s love causes Butcher and the Patriots to unite against Soldier Boy, while only Maeve remains true to the “original plan” and confronts Homelander in an epic conflict, a clash that literally costs her an arm and a leg.

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In the TV studio, they’re all up against Soldier Boy, and now the goal is to get him to sleep with a fresh dose of novichock that the Frenchie just made in the lab. But Soldier Boy is very strong.

Hughie watches the battle from the control room, with Soldatino on the verge of killing the superhero in his heart; Hughie is about to inject herself with a dose of V-Temporary, but then decides to help her by pumping out all the studio lights and thus charging the Starlight.

Now everyone surrounding Soldier Boy is starting to let him inhale the gas to sleep, but old Soap resists and is about to blow everything up. The plan is about to blatantly fail causing our friends to die, but Maeve has invented himself a kamikaze, grabs Soldier Boy and shoots himself out of the tower just as an incredible explosion occurs. Everyone, or nearly all of them, are safe, and Ryan decides to leave with Homelander’s father, who in the final scene takes out a protester, surprisingly receiving praise from his son and his fans, including MM’s ex-wife’s new husband.

After some time, as the world mourns Maeve’s intense sacrifice, we discover that she hasn’t actually died, but only lost her fighting power, as happened with Kimiko, and takes the opportunity to rebuild her life somewhere with a partner. Helena.

Starlight, or rather Annie at this point, greets the former classmate and joins the boys, as Boucher’s dictatorial era now gives way to the democracy brought about by the French Revolution. Ashley discovers in a security scene that Maeve is still alive but decides to scrap the evidence, while the soldier boy sleeps again and comes under Mallory’s control. End boys 3.

THE BOYS_S3_UT_301_210305_THIJAN_00593_1-2

Because this season of The Boys is as good as it is useless

Let’s go back to the beginning of this article, when we mentioned the meme “directed by Robert B. Wade”. A meme is also sometimes used to make fun of movies and TV series that could have had a much shorter plot.

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To understand this, let’s now go back to the beginning boys 3 And let’s analyze the situation. The boys have been trying to get Homelander out for two seasons, and long last They have obtained recognition from the government, so that they can come out of their hiding places and get help/funding from the state.

What is the difference with the situation we are at the end boys 3? Practically nothing. Homelander is still there, alive and well, Vought fights back, the boys want to get Super out but they can’t.


Basically, the entire plot of Season 3 is useless. The boys went to Russia to try to find out what prevented the boy soldier from using it as a weapon against the Homelander, and inadvertently woke the boy soldier, and made a deal with him to kill the Homelander, the plan failed and Soldier Boy was sent back to the ice.

If our boys had taken two months off at the start of the season, nothing might have changed. Of course, Black Noir died, Maeve lost her power and lived in hiding, Ryan chose to be with his father, M. It was done out of a racist supremacist from whom he received a new heart as a gift and Abisu separated from his manager wife.

However, in reality, in the balance between good looking bad and looking bad looking good nothing has changed. We are still here, or rather all the heroes are still there. And we’re willing to bet that Maeve will somehow make a comeback next season.

Meanwhile we enjoyed Eroegasm, we got the satisfaction of seeing Hughie being tough, the story continues between Frenchie and Kimiko, and overall we enjoyed a lot of funny, scary and/or bloody scenes. In short, The Boys 3 was definitely a nice ride. It is a pity that, in the end, we are back where we started …

Rating: 8-

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