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From Valerio Capelli

The eldest daughter of Enzo died at the age of 59, she was a combative and meticulous journalist. Shy smile but very firm. A memory of the Rai2 show with Giovanni Minoli that I worked on in 1984, Ad Arms Equal, which was never broadcast

He was only 59 years old.
Silvia Tortura He died in a Romanian clinic
. He has been ill for a little over a year. I met her in 1984. She had a shy smile but was very determined. We worked together on the editing of Giovanni Minoli’s show that never aired. She had to be summoned
On an equal footing.
Sylvia was 22 years old.

His father, Enzo Tortura, had been arrested in 1983, the previous year. She was emotionally trembling but clear in thought. I remember hiking around Rai’s residence in Viale Mazzini where he couldn’t talk about anything else: but you know, they came to pick him up at four in the morning…They sentenced him to ten years in prison, my father is a decent and innocent man. I feel disgusted, bitter. But I will not give up.

There was complicity, she wanted catharsis, she was thirsty for justice and rights. Sometimes we capture our little emotional adventures, the emotions of an important first career experience: the urgency of archive searches, the confirmation of news. Sylvia also wanted to write and would later start collaborating squeeze out. He told me I understand his father’s choice, he wants to go out with his head held high and show his clean hands, as always.

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The book was written about that story silvia’s face With letters written by her father to her from prison. I knew and remembered the baseless accusations of being a drug courier by Camorra Silvia, the new organiser. With her younger sister, Gaya, who is also a journalist, she has always been at the forefront of her father’s defense.

It all happened long before Sylvia got married Philip Leroy They have two children, Philip Jr. and Michelle. There were five of us in the editorial office, plus the two of us there were Bianca Berlinger, a French girl whose name I don’t remember, and Stefano Riselli, who later became Mignoli’s right-hand man and head of today’s structure. In Rai1. Surrounded by his usual lieutenants, starting with the four nodules: writer Giorgio Montefushi, Chico Agnese, Flaminia Morandi and Marcella Emiliani, an African and journalist in Unity, Minoli was surrounded by his usual lieutenants. Aldo Bruno was the head of the Temple, Arnaldo Bagnasco, a Genoese thinker culture mixer, dispense with advice. We men in the editorial office were called in turns to present what we had collected. Group meetings with about twenty people in smoky rooms. Minoli listened to everyone, and then made his suggestions, which he thought were correct.

On an equal footingHe was supposed to go
On Rai2 in prime time, live instead of
Minnoli Historical Programme. The director was the same, Sergio Spina. Fantastic TV studio. comparison of two opinions (first guest Renato Nicolini, the commissar who invented the Roman summer); Five zero digits are expected. In the end you give up on the project. We, the editors, have been assigned to work
. On a Friday evening we went to Minoli’s house, then to 1 dei Privity Road to watch all the postponed program together. His wife, Matilda Burnaby, hospitable and hospitable, made us find something to eat. Silvia stayed with Minoli for other shows like

We are history
; I’ve been appointed before
Courier service


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There was a meeting for hours and hours in Montefushi’s lovely house to discuss whether Minoli should appear on the show in shirt-sleeves or in a jacket and tie, we smiled with Sylvia, unable to understand the importance of appearance on TV. Straight, precise, resolute, outspoken, soft in her strictness, she often smiles despite the family drama she has continued to experience.

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