Carlos Cuerpo calls on Sabadell, BBVA and the rest of the AEB banks

Carlos Cuerpo calls on Sabadell, BBVA and the rest of the AEB banks

The Minister of Economy summons Sabadell, BBVA, Santander, Bankenter And the rest of the banks represented in the AEB (Association of Spanish Banks) Next Wednesday, May 29 To address the situation in the banking sector. Carlos’s body Thus, he restores the meetings held by his predecessor, Nadia Calviño. His last meeting was held in December, before he left for BEI and was relieved of his position.

In these meetings topics such as Bank tax, which the Spanish government wants to make permanent; Protocol for working with older people to avoid their financial exclusion; Or the development of the Code of Good Practice for Vulnerable Mortgage Holders launched by the sector following the rise in interest rates.

On this occasion the focus will be on European funds and the housing problem. The government has just launched a range of guarantees with the ICO so that young people can buy their first home, even if they don’t have a lot of savings (if they meet certain conditions) and entities like Santander or Abanca have already agreed that they will sell the mortgage with this guarantee plus However, other entities such as Unicaja, ING or Bankinter are also planning to join.

However, this meeting will be It was marked by BBVA’s hostile bid to buy Sabadell. It is not on the agenda, but the Economy Minister has already spoken about it publicly. He does not like it “neither in essence nor in form.” Cuerbo has warned the ECB about the process, even reminding the BBVA that it “has the final say” and could prevent the bank from absorbing Sabadell. He is concerned about the high concentration of banks in Spain, which could lead to a competition problem.

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Some will attend the scheduled appointment next week CEOs and senior managers of these entities. Among them are the president of BBVA Spain, Peio Belausteguigoitia and the CEO of Banco Sabadell, César González-Bueno, as reported by Expansió and confirmed by financial sources to this medium. But Bankinter CEO Gloria Ortiz will also be there; CEO of Santander Spain, Angel Rivera, and President of AEB, Alejandra Kindelan.

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