Gf Vip 6, Miriana and Nicola couldn’t find a meeting point

Nicolas Besso NS Mirjana Trevisan Continue to be the center of attention, in and Outside Gf Vip’s House. After statements mirjana Who said that even though he felt attractive? Nicola, She has no intention of continuing acquaintance with him – Givino declared that he was ready to run away from her.

However, it is clear that the mood pesos He is not the best and this leads him not to mix with his fellow adventurers, who said they are worried about this thing.

Especially, Clarissa NS Jessica Selassie They tried to push him and invite him to face it as well Sophie Codejoni Who said to Givino: “SAnd you get close to yourself, if you lock yourself in a room, you start thinking“.

I don’t feel like enjoying myself“However, it has concluded Nicola, remains firm on his opinionWho is the Video).

Following Vipponi’s suggestions to Nicola, Mirjana on her part made it clear that she had gone through a similar situation a few days ago, before the discussion that drove them away.

but, this is not every thing. over there Trevisan For her part, she said she was tired of feeling guilty for the suffering it was causing Nicola they burst into tears (Who is the Video). At this point you enter immediately Janmaria Antinolfi who told her:You have been fair and consistent“.

Soon after though Nicola NS mirjana They tried to explain for the thousandth time. He was the first to take the floor mirjana:

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They were right to tell me “You can make him suffer a lot”. I’m in trouble because I chose against everything around us. I am afraid of this, because I am afraid of hurting you. I’m really sorry. I thought you lived it all anyway. Keep your suffering and I keep it, I suffer too. There are people who don’t want to be there on my birthday, because I made you suffer.

I can’t be cheerful now. I have my allergies, I don’t depend on you but it’s my state of mind. The heart is not controlled, it takes me time. “Back up Nicola.

At this point, I intervened to calm the spirits Lulu Selassie:

Can’t you go back to the relationship as it was before? Think back to a peaceful serenity relationship, when you leave you will see. Now, for the quiet life, go back to that relationship that made both of you feel good.

I love her so much more than just, every close up of her and every look she gives me melts. I’m like this when I’m in love with someone‘, explained pesos.

Ma mirjana She just couldn’t understand falling in love Nicola: “I don’t fall in love like that, I don’t like an idea. It is unrequited love! Please explain that I always told you everything and was very careful. It’s not true that I left you alone!He called him to assume his responsibilities.Who is the Video).

After discussion between mirjana NS Nicola, there were many Jivini who wanted to advise the two of them, including Alexwho said pesos:

Drop this stuff, drop even the people talking about it! I see a lot of it, and I see that there are no guts for cats. Everything is pour parler. We are far from this dynamic of falsehood. At least we tell you things as they are – referring to himself, David Silvestri NS Soleil – You are this, the audience and people love you for that. They identify with you.

Then the actor concluded:You and I are completely different but one thing unites us: we are what we are and accept ourselves for who we are(.Who is the Video)

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