“But keep quiet…” The abortion debate

“But keep quiet…” The abortion debate

The former Miss Italy spoke about the sensitive issue of abortion that was recently at the center of a radical legislative change in the Hungarian government. The girl was subjected to severe attacks through which she was able to defend herself. Here’s what happened.

She is one of the most beloved TV personalities in the current entertainment scene, also known in the radio world. In his comment the joy of unanimity. We are talking about the former Miss Italy, who was criticized on social networks after her opinion on the recent decree of the Hungarian government on the issue of abortion, which is still highly debated. Here is what happened in detail.

The former Miss Italy, put all the controversy to calm down with one click, she is one of the most beautiful women among celebrities today and her beginnings were specifically with beauty contests, and then her first appearance on television happened. Mother Nature Hello Darwinsuccessful program Channel 5 is run by Paolo Bonolis and Luca Llorente.

The girl also pursued a brilliant career as a model and model before becoming a well-known and highly appreciated face by the general public, and also participated in the fourth edition of Big Brother VIP First and then drowned in the shipCelebrity Island 2018.

Moreover, his name has catapulted to honors in gossip both for his relationship with Rkomi going back a few months, and for the love story with famous singer Federico Rossi, also known as Fede for the music duo Benji & Fede.

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Today he works as a speaker at RTL and is also a veteran of management Power Hits Estate is branded Rtl 102.5.

Now his popularity has grown even more due to his comments on the topic of abortion, a topic that is still very hot and discussed in our country. Although in a bit strong language, she stopped all criticism of those who attacked her on social networks after she expressed her opinion. We’re talking about her, Paola Di Benedetto.

Paula Di Benedetto responds to the haters’ accusations

In recent days, Paula de Benedetto has republished an article on her channels regarding the issue of abortion and the decisions taken by the Hungarian government. It seems, in fact, that a decree has just been approved that before an abortion a woman must listen to the beating of the fetus.

Paola di Benedetto’s comment? It’s like going back to the nineteenth centuryThese were his words. This decision was determined by the local division of AI ‘An alarming step back’. However, one user did not voice the same opinion as he harshly and secretly commented on Paula’s story on the subject and told her directly that terminating a pregnancy amounts to murder. It didn’t take long for Paula’s reply to be heard: “But shut up *** Street!”.

It was definitely a very harsh but firm reaction to his beliefs. Also the user in question He offended her by telling her the influencer doesn’t have the ability to talk about abortion. So Paula de Benedetto defended herself first and then the female class she represents, which sparked outrage at a similar decision.

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