Venezia – Sampdoria 5-3: Final score and highlights

Venezia – Sampdoria 5-3: Final score and highlights
  • That's it from Pier Luigi Pinzo, have a good evening. Until next time.18:16

  • In the twenty-first round, Vanoli's men will visit Cosenza while Pirlo's team will host Parma.18:15

  • The Orange-Greens return to success by giving the Blucerchiati a very strong win: a hat-trick from striker Pohjanpalu, two goals from Bosio and Ellertsson, and Como finished second in the standings. The two outnumbered leagues managed to come back from two goals down as Di Luca and Depaoli were able to capitalize on a less than stellar day for Euronin, a sham equalizer that lasted just a few minutes.18:14

  • 90'+5'

    more! Venezia – Sampdoria 5-3, final whistle from Dionisi.18:09

  • 90'+5'

    Shotgun opportunity! Tessmann makes room for himself at 20 metres, with his left foot, and Stankovic gets there with his fingertips.18:09

  • 90'+3'

    Olivieri duets with Zampano in the area, and Moro intervenes.18:07

  • 90'+1'

    Rhythm from Ellertsson, who shot the ball with his left foot directly from the edge.18:05

  • 90'

    Five minutes extra time.18:04

  • 89'

    After a move by the home team, Zampano missed the line to Ellertsson.18:03

  • 88'

    Arancioverde is in management, Bloccerchiati is in their own half.18:02

  • 86'

    The last change in the gun. Fanoli recalls Johnson having Olivieri.18:00

  • 84'

    Substitute for Sampdoria. A succession of attacks between La Gomaina and Di Luca.17:59

  • 84'

    Substitute for Sampdoria. Panada replaces Yepes.17:59

  • 81'

    Replace the gun. End of Perini's match, break for Dembélé.18:02

  • 81'

    Replace the gun. Altare leaves the field in favor of Svoboda.17:57

  • 81'

    Replace the gun. Applause for striker Bohjanbalo, and a clip for Gitker.17:55

  • 80'

    Muscle problems in Altare, game stopped.17:54

  • 77'

    Goal! Venezia – Sampdoria 5-3 Ellertsson net. Johnsen burst into the box, Moro blocked Bohjanpalu's shot with his right foot, and Ellertsson fired a low left shot that left Stankovic no chance.

    Check out Mikael Ellertsson's player profile17:54

  • 74'

    Goal! Venezia – Sampdoria 4-3 Busio net. Crossed by Johnsen, Bosio jumps higher than Giordano and scores from two steps.

    See Gianluca Bosio's player profile17:49

  • 71'

    Goal! Venezia – Sampdoria 3-3! DePaoli Network. Ricci shot a long ball, and Depaoli headed it over, surprising Goronen who was still in a bad position.

    Take a look at Fabio Depaoli's player profile17:46

  • 70'

    Pole gun! Cross from Tessmann, direct left-footed shot from Zampano, Stankovic hits the woodwork.17:44

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  • 68'

    Johnsen warned against dangerous play on Yepps.17:42

  • 67'

    Johnson points to the area from the left, three times, does not pass.17:42

  • 65'

    Goal! Venice – Sampdoria 3-2! De Luca Network. DePaoli vertically crosses Di Luca, who runs on the edge of offside and taunts Goronen with a first-time right-foot shot.

    Take a look at Manuel De Luca's player profile17:43

    Manuel De LucaManuel De Luca
  • 64'

    Substitute for Sampdoria. Pirlo covers himself: Barreca for Ferry.17:38

  • 64'

    Johnson shoots from the outside with a header from Bossio, and Perini shoots high with his right foot.17:37

  • 62'

    Johnson from 20 metres, right in the corner.17:36

  • 61'

    Sampdoria, which is owned by the orange-green team, is struggling to build.17:35

  • 58'

    Goal! Venezia – Sampdoria 3-1 Bohjanbalo hat-trick. Elertsson widens for Johnsen, great header from Bohjanpalo, and Stankovic is beaten.

    View player profile of Joel Bohjanbalo17:33

  • 57'

    Danger from Moro, Perini blocks the ball, and the rebound goes to Stankovic.17:31

  • 57'

    Kicking off Busio, Ghilardi uses his body to stop Ellertsson.17:31

  • 55'

    Candela passes to Perini and crosses the goalkeeper.17:28

  • 53'

    Bohjanbalu sent the ball to Candela in the penalty area, and Giordano closed it down perfectly.17:28

  • 51'

    Shot from midfield by Ferry blocked by Altar, ball into the corner.17:25

  • 50'

    Free kick from Tessmann, Pohjanpalo sends a weak header, Stankovic picks up the ball.17:24

  • 48'

    La Gumina was warned for protesting on the bench.17:24

  • 48'

    Svirko warning, uncoordinated on Depaoli17:22

  • 47'

    Tessmann passes the ball to Candela, cross from Bosio, and Moreau is well placed.17:22

  • 46'

    Filming begins. Venezia – Sampdoria 2-1, a maneuver between the orange greens.17:19

  • 46'

    Replace the gun. Lella stays in the locker room, making room for Ellertsson.17:19

  • Vanoli must avoid a drop in speed and concentration, taking advantage of his numerical superiority. Pirlo needs to study alternatives to create greater danger in the Goronin area.17:07

  • Part tactical, more proactive orange-green, Pohjanpalo opens the ball with his heel after an assist from Perini, equalizes Benedetti in a similar situation – a low cross from Yepes, an immediate response from the hosts who first went close to scoring with Lella and then won the penalty kick from Johnsen (foul by Richie) who is transformed by Pohjanbalu. In the final match, a dangerous naivety appeared on the part of Benedetti, who received two yellow cards in three minutes and left his team with ten players.17:07

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  • 45'+2'

    The end of the first half. Venezia – Sampdoria 2-1, Bohjanbalo's double is decided.17:03

  • 45'+1'

    Sparks fly between Depaoli and Sverko, and Dionisi regains calm.17:02

  • 45'

    Two minutes added time.17:01

  • 45'

    Svirko launches, and Stankovic comes out low managing to anticipate Johnsen.17:01

  • 44'

    The fired Benedetti, who had just been booked, was aggressive on Zampano.17:00

  • 43'

    Warning Feyre, interference from behind on Leela.16:58

  • 41'

    Benedetti's Warning, held in Busio.16:57

  • 40'

    Cross from Giordano, hole from Altari, Di Luca fails to exploit it.16:56

  • 38'

    Johnson along the Zampano Line, controlled by Stojanović.16:55

  • 36'

    Goal! Venice – Sampdoria 2-1 Bohjanbalo penalty kick with his violent right foot. He senses Stankovic but does not get there, and Bohjanbalo scores two goals.

    View player profile of Joel Bohjanbalo16:52

  • 35'

    Penalty kick Venice! Perini in the corridor for Johnson, Richie enters out of time, Dionysius points to the place.16:51

  • 32'

    Candela penetrates from the right side, a cross rebounds from Zampano, and Leila misses the target from an excellent position with his head.16:48

  • 30'

    Goal! Venice – Sampdoria 1-1. Benedetti Network. Folly by Candela, Ferry steals the ball from him, and Webes crosses low for Benedetti, behind Goronen.

    Check out Leonardo Benedetti's player profile16:47

    Leonardo BenedettiLeonardo Benedetti
  • 30'

    Tessmann switches play for Johnsen and crosses wide of Pohjanpalo.16:45

  • 28'

    Perini exchanges at the border with Bohjanbalu, who misses the return pass.16:44

  • 25'

    Bosio is equivalent to zampano interference, a poorly calibrated transversal.16:41

  • 23'

    DePaoli collapses in the area under Zampano's pressure, and Dionisi signals him to get up.16:39

  • 21'

    From a corner, a header from Tari, in the middle, easy prey for Stankovic.16:37

  • 21'

    Candela advances from the right, and Yepes stops him in the corner.16:36

  • 20'

    A right-footed shot from Zampano deflected off Benedetti and turned into an assist for Altari, who missed it but was in an irregular position.16:36

  • 18'

    Ferry looks for space on the left, Candela contains it.16:34

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  • 16'

    Goal! Venezia – Sampdoria 1-0 Pohjanpalu Net. Cross from Lella, short clearance from Gilardi, Perini kicks the ball low to Bohjanbalo, who backheels past Stankovic.

    View player profile of Joel Bohjanbalo16:34

  • 14'

    Long-range attempt by Ferry, right-footed mistake by Lella, first corner of the match.16:30

  • 12'

    Racing has been tactically banned, and the study phase continues.16:29

  • 10'

    Johnson crosses the ball to Bosio, who fails to hit Pohjanbalu with a backheel.16:26

  • 8'

    Going deeper into De Luca, Altare can't be beat.16:24

  • 6'

    A phrase of green-orange, the Blucerchiati wait in their own half of the pitch.16:23

  • 4'

    Free kick from Ferry, his right-footed shot went over the crossbar.16:20

  • 3'

    Warned by the night, Feyre fell to the edge of the area.16:20

  • 2'

    Wrong back pass from Pohjanpalo, and Joronen shoots the ball before Di Luca arrives.16:18

  • 1'

    The match between Venezia and Sampdoria begins, and the ball goes to Plucerchiati.16:16

  • The warm-up phases are over, and the match coached by Dionisi will begin soon.15:45

  • The former Esposito is out, Pirlo chooses Benedetti and Ferri behind Di Luca. In defence, Moro is a midfielder, Stojanovic and Giordano are full-backs.16:27

  • Fanoli is based on the Perenni-Bohjanbalo-Johnsen trident. He preferred Lella to Ellertsson in midfield.15:12

  • 4-3-2-1 for Sampdoria: Stankovic – Stojanovic, Gilardi, Moro, Giordano – Depaoli, Yepes, Ricci – Benedetti, Ferri – Di Luca. Available: Ravaglia, Conte, Lutjonen, Barica, Panada, Eskildsen, Girelli, Malagrida, Ntanda, Leonardi, Delle Monash, La Gomina.16:27

  • Here are the lineups. Venice with a 4-3-3 plan: Joronen – Candela, Altar, Sverko, Zampano – Lella, Tessman, Bosio – Perini, Bohjanbalo, Johnsen. Available: Bertinato, Grande, Dembélé, Svoboda, Modulo, Ullmann, Ellertsson, Andersen, Bjarkasson, Cheryshev, Olivieri, Getkjaer.15:41

  • In the new year, as soon as the winter break ends, the comeback round begins: the orange team, in search of the success lost in four matches, to regain second place in the standings; The Blucherati have only managed one point in their last two matches of 2023, moving closer to the playoffs.15:08

  • At Pier Luigi Pinzo, everything is ready for the Venezia-Sampdoria match, round 20 of Serie B.15:06

  • Where the match will be held:

    Stadium: Pierluigi Pinzo
    City: Venice
    Capacity: 11,150 spectators15:06

    Pier Luigi PinzoPier Luigi PinzoFonti: Getty Images
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