Live broadcast of the semi-final match

Live broadcast of the semi-final match

Chengdu (China) – After a great performance in the Davis Cup. Musetti traveled to China to play the ATP 250 in Chengdu. The Italian has arrived, number 2 on the scoreboard Semi-final against Safiulin, but lost in two sets (6-3, 6-4). Thus, the Russian qualifies for the final and will face the winner of the other semi-final match. Which one is between Zverev and Dimitrov. Relive the challenge…

1.40 pm

Musetti remains in China

The Italian tennis player will move to Beijing because the China Open, the ATP 500 tournament, starts on Wednesday, and he will not be alone as Sinner and Songo will also be present.

1.35 pm

Safiulin is in the top 50

The Russian, after his victory over Musetti in Chengdu, will move up the ranks in the world rankings. Right now it’s number 55, but getting into the top 50 is a certainty.

1.23 pm

ATP Chengdu: Another semi-final

At 1.30pm, there will be a place for another semi-final. On the field, Dimitrov and Zverev, No. 1 on the scoreboard. Whoever wins will face Safiullin, who beat Musetti in two sets.

1.20 pm

Musetti-Safiullin: The key to the match

Musetti was never present in the match, finishing with less than 40% on his second serve. On the other hand, the Russian hit 9 aces and with his first serve won the point 83% of the time.

1.16 pm

Musetti, final curse

The Italian does not reach the final and stops again in the semi-finals. It’s a curse. However, for Saviolin, the final in Chengdu is the first final of his career on the ATP circuit.

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1.10 pm

Safolin to the final: 6-3, 6-4

The match was scoreless for the Russian, who reached the final in less than an hour and a half. Musetti was stopped in the semi-finals.

1.06 pm

Musetti does not give up: 5-4

The Italian holds serve (40-30), closes with a forehand on the break, but now Saveulin serves for the match and flies to the final in Chengdu.

1.01 pm

Safiulin insists: 5-3

Musetti takes the lead for the first time on the Russian’s serve, canceling out three points in the match, but at the moment of truth he fails to equalize the score.

12.50 pm

Break of Safiulin’s serve: 4-3 in the second set

From 30-0 to 30-40. Musetti loses his serve between a double fault and the bar. A risky match.

12.45 pm

Safolin at full speed: 3-3

Another scoreless match for the Russians. Musetti is in difficulty.

12.42 pm

Musetti holds: 3-2

Musetti took a big risk, fell, and also saved a break point. And the service maintains the advantages.

12.36 pm

Safolin with ease: 2-2

The game is at zero for the Russian who makes no mistakes.

12.32 pm

Musetti, who came back to make it 2-1

Double fault and straight outside the 0-30 partial turn. But the Italian came back to win a complicated match 40-30.

12.28 pm

Safolin tied: 1-1

It was all easy for the Russian at bat who had Musetti running from right to left. The fifth ace.

12.25 pm

Musetti starts again: 1-0 at the start of the second set

The Italian holds serve and starts on the right foot in the second set.

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12.21 pm

Safiulin wins the first set: 6-3

Musetti held on, while in the match, but on the first set point he did not forgive the Russian and finished the match with a score of 40-30. This is the third match in a row.

12.16 pm

Safolin break: 5-3

With the advantages, the Russian leads by two games. A noteworthy point at the break. Now he is working to close the group.

12.09 pm

Cefolin Strength: 4-3

The Russian finished the match with a crushing blow (40-15) without much difficulty.

12.06 pm

Musetti raises the score to 3-3

The Italian eliminates the break point and is able to equalize the advantages. The Russian had increased his pace in the defensive phase before committing three unjustified errors.


Safiulin came back to make it 3-2

Musetti takes the first point (0-15), but then the Russian closes the serve at 40-15.


Musetti there: 2-2

Power and accuracy in the bat for the Italians. Another 40-15 and a perfectly balanced game.


Safiulin on the ball: 2-1

Also a crushing blow for the Russian who will take the third game 40-15. Musetti defends himself as best he can.

11.47 am

Musetti responds to the present: 1-1

Excellent serve from the Italian, who finished the match with a score of 40-15.

11.43 am

Musetti-Saviolin: 0-1 at the start

The Russian holds serve (40-15) on a very fast court.


Musetti-Safiullin: He beats the Russian

The semi-finalists warm up on the main court in Chengdu. The match will start soon. The first to strike will be Safiullin.

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Musetti and Safioline on the field

Tennis players enter the court, with a few spectators in the Chengdu stands.

11.25 am

Musetti is in good condition

The Tuscan tennis player defeated Frenchman Renderknesh easily reaches the quarter-finals in Chengdu – He learns more

11.14 am

Musetti, first final mission

In 2023, Musetti has never reached the final. Now he is looking for his first joy on hard courts at the ATP 250 tournament in Chengdu. So far, he has reached the semi-finals three times and the quarter-finals six other times.


Musetti and Saffiolin: ATP rankings

The Italian ranks No. 18 in the ATP rankings, while the Russian ranks 55th.


Musetti-Safiullin: The match on TV

The ATP 250 semi-final in Chengdu between Musetti and Safiullin is scheduled for 11.30am and will be visible on Sky Sport Uno and Sky Sport Tennis. Streaming now on Sky Go.


Musetti-Safiullin: precedents

There is only one precedent among tennis players. Saviolin leads 1-0 over Musetti: in Challenger 2019 in Bergamo he won 7-5 and 6-4.

10.45 am

Musetti-Saviolin: The final is up for grabs

Everything is set for the challenge between Musetti and Saviolin that puts the ATP 250 final in Chengdu on the line. Scheduled start is at 11.30.

Chengdu (China)

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