The origin of the “Green Monster” was discovered, located 11 thousand light-years from Earth

The origin of the “Green Monster” was discovered, located 11 thousand light-years from Earth

The latest scientific discovery has destabilized the whole world: the origin of the famous “green monster” that can be seen from Earth and 11 thousand light-years away has finally been clarified.

Chair A, “Green Monster” (

near the supernova, James Webb Space Telescope He made a discovery that raised many doubts, questions and curiosities: he saw what later became known as “Green monster“, that is, a mysterious structure that remained among the remains of a confirmed star explosion. The strange name given to it comes from the unusual color that scientists have tried to explain for several months. Today, we finally have answers that clarify this mystery.

he was thereApril 2023 The period in which the James Webb Telescope first observed the “green monster.” Infrared lights highlighted a streak of green light. This unusual collection was found among the remains Cassiopeia Aor Cas A, is a supernova that produces a very violent explosion at a distance of approx 11 thousand light years from Earth. Light began to emerge from our planet three centuries ago.

The secret of the “green monster” that can be seen from Earth has finally been revealed

Green monster
Chair A, “Green Monster” (

Experts compared the data obtained from James Webb and Hubble telescopes With thoseNASA Chandra Observatory. The result is an extremely sharp image that allows us to observe new details: the blue structures visible thanks to Chandra's X-rays, the red and green rays captured by James Webb's infrared, and the red and white structures taken from Hubble's optical data. The outer parts are red, green and blue and come from the infrared radiation of NASA's Spitzer telescope. With these new results, scientists were able to provide an answer to the doubts surrounding the famous “green monster.”

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The “monster” consisting of green stripes was apparently formed when a shock wave collided with material already released by the supernova, in a time period ranging from 10,000 to 100,000 years before its explosion. second Isla de Luzfrom Ghent University in Belgium and co-author of the study published via Astrophysical JournalWhat has been observed is not a remnant of the supernova, but rather simply in front of it. By digitally removing the structure, in fact, you can see the exact point of the explosion in detail and everything remains intact and unchanged.

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