The invader does not “repent” and Mainz considers taking legal action – last minute

The invader does not “repent” and Mainz considers taking legal action – last minute

“Mainz 05 notes with surprise and annoyance Anwar El Ghazi’s statements on his social channels. The club will legally verify the facts and then evaluate the measures. The player has been on vacation since Monday and is not currently training.” On this note, the club, which currently occupies the 18th and last place in the German League table, makes it clear that the issue created by the social media posts of its player Anwar El Ghazi, a Dutch player of Moroccan origins, has not been resolved in any way.

The player had spoken publicly against Israel and in favor of the Palestinian cause. This led to the player being excluded from the team, but he later returned to his position.

He added: “But I do not regret or regret my stance – Al-Ghazi announced this on social media, which sparked reactions via his club’s press release – and I will not deviate from what I said today until I take my last breath.” I also stand with humanity and the oppressed. What I published on October 27, 2023 is the last thing I thought of, and anything else attributed to me is incorrect and I did not make it or declare it. My position remains the same starting point: I am against war and violence; Against the killing of innocent civilians; Against all forms of discrimination; Against Islamophobia; against anti-Semitism; against genocide; against apartheid; Against occupation and “repression”.

“There will be absolutely no justification for the killing of 3,500 children in the last three weeks in Gaza – Al-Ghazi’s opinion -. How can the world remain silent when a child is killed every 10 minutes in Gaza? In the time it takes 9 children” to be killed playing a game. This number is increasing every day. I can’t intentionally remain silent. We must demand an immediate end to the conflict in Gaza!” Now all that remains is to wait for the actions Mainz intends to take.

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