Because Juventus values ​​him as much as he is a striker

Because Juventus values ​​him as much as he is a striker

Perhaps the secret lies here, between the wit and sarcasm of the considerations Max Allegri:This year it seems even higher». The arrow full of ambrosia fired by the Juventus coach a few weeks ago is his target Gleason Bremera giant in a giant season so far Juventus. The most recent major investment in the market was made in Complete He does not betray expectations, and a year and a half after his leap across the Po, from grenade to black and white, the Brazilian is now a sure thing in Allegri's board. Certainty behind there and certainty there in front.

Juventus, the clean sheet factory

The focal point of the 26-year-old from Bahia's performance remains his defensive contribution, enhanced by the kilograms and centimeters with which he keeps opposition strikers a safe distance from Juventus' goal and sublimated by the reads with which he plays. advance and catches opposing opponents at the right time. Qualities that have so far contributed to those led by Captain Danilo Rear guard with the cleanest sheet of League.

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