Atalanta – Fiorentina, Griffith controversy: “It's not a yellow card for Scamaka”

The Italian, Fiorentina coach, is brief: “Milenkovic’s expulsion, which was not very clear, was decisive. With ten of us, it was difficult to face our opponents.”

Mixed reactions, as is logical, after the 4-1 win over Fiorentina, which took Atalanta to the Coppa Italia final with Juventus.

Here are gods

Gianluca Scamaca started the match, scoring a wonderful goal (2-1 with a semi-header), but he will miss the final due to disqualification. “It was an amazing game from our side, we did well by pressing until the end and we brought it home. I'm happy that I helped the team, it's the others who put me in the best conditions, and to play in this Atalanta team is great.” Beautiful.” Gritti, Gasperini’s (suspended) replacement on the bench, complained about Scamacca’s yellow card: “It’s a contact sport. Very strong warning. “It's a bad tackle, but it's not a yellow card.”

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Fiorentina coach Vincenzo Italiano saw Milinkovic's red card as the decisive factor: “With 10 players, it's difficult. You have to change the result. It's the first sending off of the season and we paid dearly for it. We tried to hold on, we got the sending off.” We tried to contain ourselves, and we also tied, and I also believe that until the 3-1 goal we defended ourselves in an organized manner, even the 2-1 score did not allow us to respond in Europe, and now we feel disappointed and sad, but we faced Atalanta, the team that took advantage of the opportunity in the first leg. We deserved more than 1-0, but Karnešić was decisive, Milinkovic was not decisive.”

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