May 29, 2023

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MotoGP, Alex Marquez crashes after vomiting: Unbelievable in Austin

Austin – Alex Marquez He was among the champions of Saturday Motorcycle Grand Prix of the AmericasAnd if not for the reasons he liked: pilot Ducati Gresini’s team, in fact, initially caused an unpleasant episode in qualifying with Francis Bagnaiathen crashed twice, first in qualifying and then in the sprint the next. And the reason for the second fall is both curious and repulsive. In fact, the Spaniard made it clear “I started having a stomach ache before I ran, and As soon as I braked, I vomitedAs if the body had suddenly collapsed. Something I ate gave me this malaise, but I ate the usual. Even in the pits where I vomited, now everything is fine. Now I’m resting for the race, we have a good pace.”.

Alex Marquez is passionate about racing in Austin

The former Honda rider will start fourth in the raceand defines a key moment at the beginning: “It’s the point where we need to improve the most. In the Sprint I made a bad start and then in the first corner I tried to fix it somehow, to restart the race step by step. At the moment it was the start that makes I lose a lot of time. Because there is a different clutch than I used to It’s on Honda, but you can’t have everything. I don’t know if I would have been able to get on the podium, but I could have fought it. Anyway, long races are in our favour.”.

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