Vavasori-Sinner 0-1 (3-6) Live, follow the Italian derby on ATP Miami LIVE

Vavasori-Sinner 0-1 (3-6) Live, follow the Italian derby on ATP Miami LIVE

Miami (USA) – the rain Start giving it a rest. After rain in the last few hours, the program finally resumes Miami Open: Anticipation for the derby is growing Vavasori and SinnerWhich started yesterday and then stopped due to weather conditions. However, we will start again from the first set with a score of 3-2 Yannick With a score of 40-40 in the sixth game. Follow all the updates live…


Vavasori-Sinner 2-2

Easy game for Yannick Which He carries Zero service.


Vavasori-Sinner 2-1

Andrea The game closes at 15 Playing at a high pace: So far in the group the Torino player has won 6 points out of 7 With the Prima In the field.


Vavasori-Sinner 1-1

Holds the service Yannick which falls below 15-30, settles the score at 30-30 (thanks to the line directly below the line on the side) and then closes. Turn multiplication Deceive First two wins.


Vavasori-Sinner 1-0, the second set begins

Andrea The second set starts on the right foot: Torino player Service holds at 30, so the match ends with one first winner.


ATP Miami, Greek track Elemina Michelsen

to'Dutch Fly to Third round Subordinate Miami Open: He won over the American in three sets – 7-6 (5), 6-7 (7), 6-4 – Two hours and 40 minutes after the real battle. The Class of 1996 from Harlem will compete to get to Round of 16 Against one in between kafir H Vavasori.


Siner wins the first set against Vavasori

Yannick Vince Elle First partial: 6-3 The result on the fieldHard Rock Stadium to Miami.


Vavasori-Sinner 3-5

Andrea serves con New balls And A. played Perfect game to say the least: he have Beat to zero And stay in the wake. now Yannick Used to close First partial.


Vavasori-Sinner 2-5

Yanek is united break The game ends with a Roles in 15. Now South Tyrol is working to end the game The first group.


Vavasori-Sinner 2-4

The match will resume immediately break For South Tyrol. The Turin native fails in the attempt Serving and shooting and on Bala rest Play a behind Which stops it running on the network.


Vavasori-Sinner, here we go

No tie For blue people: only one The heating Five minutes before the match resumes.


Sinner and Vavassori enter the field

Yannick H Andrea They enter a fieldHard Rock StadiumAmidst the applause of the audience. We start a few minutes before the scheduled time.

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ATP Miami, what time do Sinner and Vavasori play?

In about ten minutes (around 9.55pm) they will enter the field kafir H Vavasori. We will start again from the first group with a result 3-2 for every Yannick It's connected 40-40 In the sixth match.


Sinner-Vavassori, ex

There is no precedent on the ATP circuit among 22-year-olds Yannick Siner (World No. 3), 28 years old Andrea Vavasori (n.148 Atp), thus They will face each other for the first time on the hard court of the Masters 1000 tournament in Miami The challenge is valid for the second round.


ATP Miami, Seyboth Wild beats Fritz: It's the turn of Sinner and Vavassori

there is chanceHard Rock Stadiumthe Brazilian folds Deserved group resistance Taylor Fritz And qualifies for Third round: 6-3, 6-4 After an hour and 11 minutes of play. At the end of this match, on the field to conclude their match Second round, Yannick Siner H Andrea Vavasori.


ATP Miami, also waiting for Arnaldi

The Ligurian tennis player is ready for a challenge Kazako Public On court 5. The match will start at the end of the match between Greek path H MichelsenWith the victory of the American Second group 7-6 (7) The match reached the third and decisive set.


ATP Miami, Seaboth Wild Fly. Waiting for Siner and Vavasori

After winning 6-3 The first set, the Brazilian flies to 3-1 Also in the second group against Taylor Fritz. At the end of the match on the field kafir H Vavasori.


ATP Miami The first set ends between Seyboth Wild and Fritz

there is chanceHard Rock StadiumI Brazilian Vince is First partial Against it American: 6-3 after half an hour the match.


ATP Miami, Greek track before Michelsen

The Dutch won The first group Against the host: 7-6 (5) to the class of 1996 from Harlem. In the second set, the score was 2-2. Whoever wins will be challenged Third round Yannick Siner s Andrea Vavasori.


ATP Miami, the match between Seyboth Wild and Fritz has finally begun

After hours of waiting, the match ended Brazilian and this is American. After this challenge, all eyes are on Derby sinner favasori.

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ATP Miami, it's all down to the middle: why

Everything is still at a standstillHard Rock Stadium: Sipot Wild H Fritz They started warming up and then sat on the sidelines. the reason? The stadium still exists moist. There aren't any yet Ideal conditions to Recovery.


ATP Miami, everything is still at a standstill on the Center Court

The game hasn't started yetHard Rock Stadium between Sipot Wild H Fritz. The players entered the field but the match was over It hasn't started yet.


Wta Miami, Paolini flies to the third round: beat Volynets

Jasmine Paolini Breaks down the pass for the third round of Miami Opensecond Masters 1000 This season. under 4-5 In the the second group against Katie Volynets Then in the match Hanging due to rainthe 28-year-old Tuscan returns and takes the whole prize: 7-6 (8), 7-5 The final result. The Italian will compete to get to Round of 16 against Emma Navarro.


ATP Miami, Seaboth Wild and Fritz in Campo!

A few minutes and the match ends Brazilian and this is American there is chanceHard Rock Stadium. After that, the match will come kafir H Vavasori.


WTA Miami, Paolini and Volinets on the court

The two players enter on Campo 3. never The heating. The blue color works to stay in the second group, which American It's in the future 5-4.


ATP Miami, checks are underway at Center Court

the Tournament organizers They are checking the field conditionsHard Rock StadiumChallenge scene between the Brazilian Sipot Wild H Fritz. The field is still wet. Key points on the field are drained.

Meanwhile, the match is scheduled for Campo 7: Before Tommy Paul H Martin Dam.


ATP Miami, starting soon

We start with today's programme: in the Central Stadium, not before 7.20pm Italian time (2.20pm local time) the matches will be Sipot Wild and Fritz In men's singles, the match that preceded Derby blue between kafir H Vavasori.

In the women's tournament, that's it Jasmine Paolini against Katie Volynets On Pitch 3: The pitch looks dry. the Chair judge It performs all Tests the case.


ATP Miami, all Italians on court today: details

Farther than expected Derby between kafir H Vavasori If rain permits, there are three Azzurri participating Miami: Arnaldi Will challenge public, Copoli If he were to face it My light while Mosetti He will face Safiulin.

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Not just in the women's tournament Paolini:On the field too Giorgi. For the 32-year-old from Macerata, there is the Polish number one in the world All your sweethearts.


WTA Miami and Paolini ready to return to the field: status

Among the matches postponed yesterday (Friday, March 22) due to rain, the match also stands out Jasmine Paolini Against the American Katie Volynets On the result 7-6 (8), 4-5 In the The first group. On the Campo 3 It was also activated Two fans H Two reels To dry the soil. The process must require at least one Twenty minutes.


ATP Miami, it's finally started!

there is chanceHard Rock Stadium He was dried Finally, from the experts and weather forecasts to make us smile: we start over with the challenge among us Sipot Wild and Fritz Then comes the Italian derby between them kafir H Vavasori Who should almost take the field An hour and a halfaround 8pm Italian time (3pm local time).


ATP Miami, the rain starts to take a break: Latest

The rain stopped at Miami: If the good weather continues, the day's program should start with a challenge between Sipot Wild H Fritz In the next half hour. Then comes the Italian derby between them Vavasori H kafir.


ATP Miami, what the weather forecast says

As was the forecast yesterday (Friday, March 22). Miami They talk about possibilities Rain Until 3pm local time (8pm in Italy). It is expected then clear up In the afternoon.


The ATP Revolution, Tennis Changes Everything: 60 tournaments in 29 countries as of 2025!

Reveal the news Canada H cincinnati Become champions Masters 1000 Come Rome, Madrid and Shanghai. Farewell to the Cordoba Championship. (all news)


ATP Miami, rain gives no rest: details

Delayed It's still a start Plan On the Central square In other fields a Miami. There is no play until 1.30pm local time, 6.30pm Italian time.


ATP Miami, not just Sinner: the Italians' programme

Not only Sinner and Vavassori, the rain also led to the postponement of the other Italians' races. Here is the full program


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