Salvini attacks Mbappe after his speech against Marine Le Pen, the French football player

Salvini attacks Mbappe after his speech against Marine Le Pen, the French football player

Following the position you took Footballer Marcus Thuram, who is also the spearhead France,Kilian Mbappesided with the demands of the Trans-Alpine population to go and act “against the extremists,” referring to Marine Le Pen. Matteo intervened on social media in response to the attacker Salvini.

Sayings of French player Kylian Mbappe

“We know that we are witnessing a very important moment in the history of our country, an unprecedented situation. That’s why I feel the need to Addressing all French people“, especially for the younger generations.”

These are the words the attacker said today – Monday, June 17, 2024 Kylian Mbappé on the eve of the France-Austria matchIt is the first for both teams in these European football championships.

Words of French footballer Kylian Mbappe against right-wing extremists and Marine Le Pen’s party

“I believe we are a generation capable of making a difference – continued the footballer across the Alps – today it became clear Extremists are about to seize power We have the opportunity to decide the future of our country.”

Mbappé appeals against Le Pen

“That is why I ask all young people to go and vote, to achieve the situation – continued Mbappé during the press conference – and I hope that my voice reaches as many people as possible, because we need to get to know this country.” […]Deceive Our values, such as diversity, tolerance and respect“.

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All this is indisputable and I trust the French. I know that some young people, although they agree, They believe that one vote doesn’t make a difference, but the opposite is true: every vote mattersThis should not be overlooked – explained Mbappé, who then concluded his speech – I really hope that we will make the right decision, and that we will still be proud to wear this shirt on July 7.

Football player’s words are In a clear reference to Marine Le Pen And the astonishing result achieved by his far-right party, the National Rally, in the recent elections. Words that echo those spoken by his colleague Marcus Thuram (Lillian’s son), which Matteo Salvini did not like.

Reply Matteo Salvini

Regarding the issue of elections in France, after Mbappe’s words, he intervened Italian Minister of Infrastructure and Transport Matteo SalviniHe published a post in which he wanted to express his opinion on this topic.

“The National Rally party led by Marine Le Pen and Jordan Bardella, the ‘far right’ (how scary!), after the victory in the European elections, also risks winning the political elections? No problem, here come the appeals, warnings and excommunication,” Salvini said. Reducing Mbappe’s words And growing concerns in Europe about the rise of right-wing parties.

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Matteo Salvini’s post in response to Mbappe’s statements

“Don’t you think how you should think? You are a dangerous extremist – concludes Salvini – but the winds of change in France and throughout Europe are blowing very strongly. Other players in the French national team However, given their direct interest in the elections in their country, they have made appeals such as those made by Mbappe and Thuram, in an attempt to avoid a return to intolerant and closed politics.

Image source: IPA/ANSA

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