Juventus Di Maria: No answer, the club leaves the ring

Juventus Di Maria: No answer, the club leaves the ring

The Argentine did not receive any answers to the proposal with which the club fulfilled its request for an annual contract. But the impasse was hindering the Juventus market

Juventus decided to abandon the path of Di Maria. Going further, the viewfinder extends to other targets. El Fideo has been identified as one of the main (free) boosts for Allegri, to ensure experience and quality for the team. After the recent relaunch of the Bianconeri – which in fact equalized the initial demand – the player asked for more time to think: too much – without giving a clear answer – in accordance with the decision of the Bianconeri, who did not want to go beyond the half. from this week.

time out

Behind the Argentine’s suspicions may be Barcelona, ​​which would have made Di Maria understand that they wanted to satisfy him with requests when he had the possibility. Or perhaps the decision to head home early to Rosario Central, where former Juventus player Carlitos Tevez has just been appointed as the new coach. The Argentine has never shown openness to the two-year proposal that would have allowed the Bianconeri to access the tax benefits of the growth decree, specifically at the idea of ​​playing last year in Europe and then ending their career in Argentina. Juventus backed down by reducing the offer to just one year and raising the required number to seven million. Confidence has continued to erode from the entourage in recent weeks, but without any final response from the player. At the 1,000th request for time, Juventus moved to start working on alternative plans, with Zaniolo and Berardi at the top of the list, without ruling out other surprise names that have remained hidden until now.

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