Napoli, Mario Rui's sentence in Orsato inflames the Azzurri: Rocci asked for intervention

Napoli, Mario Rui's sentence in Orsato inflames the Azzurri: Rocci asked for intervention

It is unlikely that he will also end up on the blacklist of Roque selectors such as Di Bello, Airoldi and Marchetti who were suspended for a month after the latest messes but Daniele Orsato is still… I got into a hurricane of controversy After directing the advance between Naples and Turin yesterday.

Orsato has been on the radar of the Neapolitans since the Pjanic era

It is known that his name was not very popular with the Neapolitans: despite being considered the best Italian referee, Scio's whistle always carried with him like a rock since the red card was never drawn against Pjanic at Inter for Juventus in 2018. episode nearly six years ago But what they consider in Napoli is indelible because, according to them, it would have deprived the Azzurri of the Italian League.

Yesterday at Maradona was not a quiet evening for Orsato: in his eyes it was not only the late penalty that was not given to Osimhen but also the failure to send off Linetti and Zapata, the special management of the cards and the recovery that was much less than expected. To the newspapers and the Moviulists, his performance was not completely disastrous, albeit with some flaws, but the Napoli fans, coach and players objected to him.

Mario Rui's outburst with Orsato

For example, a few moments after the end of the match, Mario Roy shouted a sentence Towards a ruling that did not go unnoticed by the cameras. “At a certain point you always have to be visible,” the Napoli defender said.

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Fans ask Rocky to stop Orsato

On social media, fans were wild: “The ADL should be heard about these designations! It's no coincidence that they send them to us in certain matches…” Then: “Orsato sent privately. This year's Champions League zone does not belong to Napoli. By hook or by crook” and also: “Orsato He was allowed not to play football. It is not the “quality” of errors, but also the “quantity” that should determine the use of cards. Systematic errors and frequent wasting of time by Torino. And let's not say they were “good” at this!

There are those who write: “Having allowed serious play, the waste of time he explained would allow him to recover which he then did not apply systematically. Orsato is a guarantee of rubbish” and also: “Toro's players spent the entire second half on the floor. The only six minutes he allowed “Orsato as extra time is an insult to football and to our intelligence.” And again: “Orsato must no longer rule Naples. He is a repeat offender. By his own admission, he stole the championship from us by not sending Pjanic off. We don't want good deeds. We leave them to others but damn it. Osimhen refused a penalty kick. 6', not 10' of stoppage time.”

The web is a raging river: “Orsato was an accomplice of the Granata family and their unsporting behaviour. I hope Rocchi gives him a few days off” and finally: “Orsato robs Napoli: two great penalties missed on Osimhen, Torino's goal is not entirely clear, Good Morning had to be fired several times“, Zapata sent off, ridiculous yellow cards for NAP, loss of at least 10 TOR (4 points; 6 sh), dozens and dozens of pro-NAP fouls ignored, awarded to TORO.”

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