Fognini, Flavia Pennetta reveals it all: it happens every time

Fognini, Flavia Pennetta reveals it all: it happens every time

Although Fabio Fognini and Flavia Pennetta have been husband and wife for quite some time now, the former tennis player has admitted that…it happens every time.

Flavia Pennetta And the Fabio Fognini They are two of the strongest Italian tennis players of all time. It is clearly in the female field, it is in the male, united by a passion for the game that has led them to win many awards important to them and also to the entire blue movement.

Flavia Pennetta and Fabio Fognini (Ansa Pictures)

Such as Indian Wells 2014 and 2015 US Open, after which the Brindisi girl hung her racket and stopped at the height of her career. For Fabio, on the other hand, there are unforgettable successes in Monte Carlo 2019, which made him the first Italian to win the Masters 1000, and the 2015 Australian Open with Simone Bolelli.

But in addition to participating in a professional career, they are also an established couple, which was sealed by the marriage, which was celebrated in 2016. From their relationship, three children were born: Federico, Farah and Flaminia. And talk about their life together Benita In an interview with Corriere della Sera.

Flavia Pennetta: Curious Admission on Fognini

Flavia Pineta Fabio Fognini
(Ansa photos)

After living for a while in Barcelona, ​​where they bought their first home together, the two then moved to Milan, where they now live, split between their children and their professional commitments. But it all started much earlier, when their friendship turned into something else. “It was falling in love after years of friendship, during which we had other partners. Fabio is a good life partner, the husband I was expectingThe former tennis player made her first appearance on the subject. “It would seem strange to say this, but he is a patient man. The patience he doesn’t have on the pitch keeps him for his family“.

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In fact, in the field Fabio Often identified, with behaviors that transcend boundaries. It is almost the hallmark of a companion’s personality FlaviaAdmit it, it doesn’t get over that easy. “I’ve never been ashamed of a guy who’s crazy about her, but I always feel uncomfortable when she does something she shouldn’t.“He said.

I look at him and see myself as reflected in the mirror: he is my husband, he is the father of my children, the nonsense that does not end there, on the field. When he comes home, tell him all kinds of things And the punish himselfSilent and frowning, while whipping himselfHowever, there is a sign that makes her understand when everything has passed:When I see half a smile reappear under the beard, it has passed” He said.

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