The Public Prosecutor is investigating the budgets of Sampdoria

The Public Prosecutor is investigating the budgets of Sampdoria
Prisma investigation, not just capital gains: the Public Prosecutor’s Office is investigating Sampdoria’s budgets




The investigation by the Genoa public prosecutor goes beyond the Prisma investigation: all of Sampdoria’s latest financial statements are examined

there Genoa Public Prosecutor Entrust the investigation of the latest financial statements of the company to the Economic and Financial Police Unit Sampdoria. Under examination by the Genoese Guardia di Finanza, only three people have not been charged Juventus, which is part of the Prisma investigation file, but all Sampdoria club accounts. The starting point will be the 2019 budget, the first thing that will end up under the magnifying glass. On the other hand, if the question of capital gains is not to worry, it has proven impossible to determine the value of a footballer and thus to contest “inflated” transfer prices, The debate about the regularity of budgets is more serious. And that’s what the new investigation is about.

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