They will be blocked by the Maxi Telus convoy. Conclusion Lazzaroni Ex

They will be blocked by the Maxi Telus convoy.  Conclusion Lazzaroni Ex

Saronno – The day started at 5pm as a party in the green area of ​​Alpini ep parkAt 6:30 pm it turned into a procession. The reference dates back to the 15th birthday of the Telos Social Center, a reference point for anarchists in the region.

The procession, led by the state police with an armored vehicle and several patrols, opens with a banner bearing the historical slogan, “Let us spread self-administration.” There is a truck with a “Stop Genocide” sign.

About two hundred participants in the procession. On Via San Giuseppe, the procession was stopped by the flower bed on Corso Italia, preventing passage. The demonstrators read some statements against the war in Palestine with chants. The procession then continued in the underpass of Via Primo Maggio, traveling zigzagging between cars in line via Novara until via Iv Novembre in Uboldo where they stopped at the former Lazzaroni. Some activists were waiting for them on the roof of the historic building carrying red smoke bombs and banners.

At the time of writing, at 7:35pm, via Iv november di Uboldo, up to the Esselunga di Saronno roundabout, is closed to traffic.

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(Photo: The procession takes place downtown with the anarchists at the Telos Social Center, which today celebrates its 15th anniversary)

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