USA: Extreme heat, wildfire along California highway – last hour

USA: Extreme heat, wildfire along California highway – last hour

(ANSA) – WASHINGTON, Sept. 01 – Hundreds of firefighters and Canadians are mobilized to put out a large fire along a major highway in California, which has been hit by a severe heat wave in recent days. The American media reported this.

The fires, which began igniting yesterday, have already lit up more than 2,100 hectares of remote Los Angeles, and seven firefighters had to be hospitalized for a short period due to minor injuries caused by the heat.

California, like some areas of Nevada and Arizona, is prey to extreme heat these days with temperatures reaching 43 degrees in the fire zone. The hot weather is expected to continue into next week, with peaks reaching 46 degrees. Robert Garcia, the district’s fire chief, warned that the blaze on the Los Angeles-San Francisco highway, which was specifically renamed the “Fire Road,” is an “alarm bell” about the dangers of other similar phenomena. Angelis. He said the current conditions could lead to “very fast” fires in the next few days, and again warned about the next few hours that “it’s going to be very difficult”.


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