Ukraine Russia, news of today’s war | Zelensky from Cernobbio: “We are ready to increase gas exports to the EU. I hope to meet Draghi

Ukraine Russia, news of today’s war |  Zelensky from Cernobbio: “We are ready to increase gas exports to the EU.  I hope to meet Draghi
From Lorenzo Cremonese and the online editorial staff

Bulletin on Friday 2 September live. Ukrainian President Zelensky spoke at the Cernobbio forum (thanks Mario Draghi): Protecting the nuclear power plant is protection against nuclear catastrophe

• The war came in Ukraine Today 191.
• The gas crisis in the foreground. Gazprom: Even with stocks at their limit, EU countries will struggle to get through the winter. With regard to oil, Moscow threatens to cut off supplies to those who impose price ceilings
• Zelensky Al Ambrositi Forum in Cernobbio He thanked Mario Draghi and spoke about the sanctions against Russia.
• Russia Vice President of Lukoil He died falling out of a hospital window. Oil Company: He was sick.
Later Director of the International Atomic Energy Agency (Aiea) Rafael Grossi Inspection of the Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant: Physical integrity violated several times. Five representatives of the mission will remain in the facility

09:24 – Zelensky at Cernobbio Forum: We cannot allow nuclear dangers

The Ukrainian President, Volodymyr Zelensky, said that the protection of the nuclear power plant is a protection against a nuclear catastrophe, in his speech on the video link to The Ambrosity Forum is underway in Cernobbio. We cannot allow nuclear dangers.

I hope to meet the Prime Minister in Italy Mario DraghiThe Ukrainian president added. Draghi has given so much support to my country, and his personal commitment was greatly appreciated.

Ukraine is ready to increase energy exports to your countries. That is why it is important that the Zaporizhzhia power plant operates safely and remains connected to the Ukrainian electricity grid. The Russians have weakened our ability to help Europe in the energy sector.

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We can help stabilize energy consumption in neighboring and European countries, continues Zelensky, and this, he says, can reduce Russian pressure on Europe. So far, despite the difficulty, we can export energy equivalent to 8% of Italian needs. Moreover, Ukraine can become a “green energy center” for Europe and replace the dirty energies of Russia. We have great potential to develop renewable energy and green hydrogen.

09:01 – Team Aiea stays in Zaporizhzhia for work

Eight representatives of the Aiea expedition and 4 assistants remained at the Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant for work, according to Energodar city authorities.

08:00 – Defense Gb: further shelling near Zaporizhzhia

The British Ministry of Defense said heavy fighting was continuing in southern Ukraine, including bombing in the Enerhodar region near the Russian-occupied Zaporizhzhya nuclear power plant.

06:14 – A ship loaded with Ukrainian grain bound for Rafina ran aground in the Bosphorus

The cargo ship Lady Zima, carrying 3,000 tons of Ukrainian grain bound for Italy, ran aground in the Bosphorus, blocking traffic through Istanbul. The ship, 173 meters long, was bound for Ravenna. No passengers were injured. The cause of the accident was the failure of the rudder 150 meters from the coast.

05.10 – US Open: Ukrainian tennis player bans hand of Belarusian opponent

At the US Open, Ukrainian tennis player Marta Kostyuk faced Belarusian Victoria Azarenka with a ribbon with the colors of the Ukrainian flag attached to her hat, and at the end of the match she refused to shake hands with her opponent. Kostyuk said shaking hands with Belarusian Victoria Azarenka after the match would not be the right thing to do. He had announced this before the match, which he lost 6-2 6-3 in a message he sent to Azarenka in which he said that he would only allow touching the net with the racket. Everyone is trying to be very diplomatic about this – the 20-year-old Ukrainian tennis player has justified herself – but my nation is being killed every day.

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05:02 – Eight ships authorized to leave Ukraine loaded with 158 thousand tons of food

The coordination center in Istanbul allowed eight more ships to leave Ukraine with a combined cargo of nearly 158,000 tons of food. TASS makes it known. Dry cargo carriers Nord Virgo and Fulmar S will depart from Yuzhny port for China and Bulgaria with shipments of corn and sunflower seed flour respectively. Fans of Mubariz Ibrahimov and Stella G will leave Odessa for Turkey and Israel with sunflower and corn oil. Katsuyama will leave Chernomorsk with sunflower oil for India, Mavka will leave to transport sunflower oil in Romania, spring wheat exporter will leave in Turkey and Ganga Star rapeseed will leave for France. All of those ships will leave today, including the Afanasy Matyushenko, which was supposed to leave Chernomorsk on Tuesday but postponed departure, and will now leave the port with a cargo of grain bound for Turkey. (Dealing). CNT

03:01 – The International Atomic Energy Agency is still at the Zaporozhye plant

The IAEA mission received permission to stay today at the Zaporizhzhya plant, where yesterday they were able to confirm the serious violations that the Russians and Ukrainians still accuse each other of. Russia calls for a meeting of the UN Security Council accuses Kyiv of bombing the station.

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