Your home with artificial intelligence! Here are the new solutions

Your home with artificial intelligence!  Here are the new solutions

What are the advantages and disadvantages of owning an IoT (Internet of Things) home, and therefore the ubiquitous Internet? Should we trust these new technologies that are likely to turn our lives upside down in the next few years? Let’s find out together.


Far from being just a technology meant for the few,The Internet of things (Internet of Things) is becoming more and more a hero in homes, effectively transforming it into smart home. More and more families around the world are actually adopting this smart technology in their homes and their daily routine. Operations that once seemed “futuristic,” like having a refrigerator that communicates with us, are now less creative than ever.

a smart home It has many advantages and few disadvantages. A smart home is a home equipped with technology that allows it Communication between devicesspecially, Clever . In short, we are talking about pure technology that makes local environments More and more beautiful to live. Each technology company proposes its own recipe The Internet of thingsIt is up to us to decide which system we choose to transform the house in a radical and complete way.

In today’s article we will see at least 2 Benefits and 2 Negatives It can be found by owning a smart home equipped with Internet of Things Technologies.

IoT home: A to Z, advantages and disadvantages

1. Monitoring and energy saving

IoT home: A to Z, advantages and disadvantages

In the smart homes It is therefore equipped with a practically omnipresent Internet connectionAnd the There are some devices that have functions Energy saving. From monitoring energy to lowering the temperature of the house: these are all small actions that together allow Big savings. Devices designed for smart home They have the ability to communicate with each other, which makes their lives very easy Check. Usually it is organized by one person central axis Which collects all the useful signals.

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In the end, we can say that The Internet of things It is a very complex technology but, nevertheless, it is also making its way into the collective imagination of public opinion. The latter still had some hesitation in accepting one technology Of this kind, that’s just revolutionary. However, the data confirms that we are getting closer and closer to the concept of a “house of the future”.

2. Security

IoT home: A to Z, advantages and disadvantages

there home automation It is the set of all technologies present in the home environment. Appliances large and small within reach add up A series of amenities For the daily life of the whole family. However, we must never forget the central aspect of safety. Since the whole house is connected online, it seems natural that safety It is at least necessary.

but with Technologies The Internet of things You don’t have to worry too much, like Security level That these devices provide is very high. In addition, you can control everything via a simple device Request Who, through specific notifications, will be able to communicate what is wrong and what is going on. It is also recommended to equip your home with Ambient anti-theft system or simply d’Installation of surveillance cameras In those places that are considered a nerve center. In this way, safety will be practically guaranteed!

3. High costs

IoT home: A to Z, advantages and disadvantages

there smart technology It can become an expensive investment. The the prices Over the years they have greatly declined, but it is clear that equipping an entire house with it Hardware And the Connected devices It can become very inexpensive.

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Let’s take an example. Labor costs due to installation smart keys On each of the lighting buttons in the house, it adds to the energy that must be used. Although it is likely that tools such as keys And the taken It can last for years and years, obviously if it breaks due to a power outage, it will entail huge repair prices!

Then, if you own devices like Washing Machine And the dryersspeech becomes more complicated, because they already consume a lot without communication Energy. In short, it is good to think of a smart home, but we must not forget that these technologies have Very high market values.

4. Privacy problem

IoT home: A to Z, advantages and disadvantages

The relationship between technology and privacy It is not new, in fact, since the spread of smartphones, experts have begun to talk about this very complex problem (many scientists even consider technology to be an active being that influences our decisions). In fact, being quite prevalent, Technologies They can do nothing but harm us aggregateIt is a precious asset that cannot be damaged by any superior technology.

Well, by choosing a home equipped with this kind of technology, privacy will obviously lead to it badly damaged. Obviously, thanks The password it’s at symbols specific You can be protected from increasingly dangerous maneuvers the pirate.

Gallery of images and ideas for the Internet of Things

As explained in the article, having a smart home, which is a structure equipped with IoT things, has both advantages and disadvantages. In general, we can consider it very convenient to live in such a house, where all amenities are constantly connected to a central hub capable of collecting and processing data of a different nature.

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In short, it seems to us that it is a really exciting technology capable of opening up increasingly surprising scenarios, but it is clear that it can never jeopardize the privacy of each of us. Below you will find a series of photos in our opinion indicative!

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