Aragones reiterates his intention to call elections in February 2025

Aragones reiterates his intention to call elections in February 2025
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Head of the General Government, Peter AragonesOn Monday, he reiterated his intention to exhaust legislative power and call Catalan elections “on schedule” in February 2025. “In February 2025,” he said in an interview in Catalonia. “We have not had a complete legislature for almost 15 years.” radio. All this then ERC It was approved this Saturday Aragon As the party's new candidate in the elections ParliamentHe praised the personality of the party leader, Oriol Junqueras.

In fact, he emphasized that once the amnesty law comes into force, they will be able to dispose of the “significant assets” that are Reeds He said of the circumstances that may arise in the future. “Oriol JunquerasI am fully convinced that in the future he will write new pages in the history of this country.” AragonWho asked him to work with a long view and be able to complete a presidential term at the head of the state for a period of eight years.


He added that he is also convinced that despite heading a minority government, they will be able to approve the draft 2024 budget, as they have done “every year” of their legislative session. In full negotiations with sun, together, common I cup To push it forward, the Catalan president made it clear that projects such as the Hard Rock or the expansion of Barcelona Airport “have nothing to do” with this year's accounts. About the tour NordHe stressed that the agreement with the government will be signed “soon” after the legislative change has already been validated so that he can issue the administration order. Regarding Barcelona Airport, he specified that improving infrastructure “does not necessarily lead to an extension of the runway,” after criticism of his initial proposal Inna on time “Inna He criticized a colonial project to some extent.” AragonWho believes the important thing is that the state has the ability to manage the airport.

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In addition, he insisted on his desire to go ahead with the celebration of the internationally recognized referendum in Catalonia, which is why he believes that the best way is to do so in a way agreed with the state. The Spanish Prime Minister, who asked to take advantage of the current situation, stressed: “I will work to create the conditions, during these four years that began in the Spanish Legislative Council, so that Catalonia can hold a referendum on independence.” To press in on this and achieve others Progress. Thus, A. warned Sanchez He added, “Either he will agree with the 14 pro-independence representatives, or it will be difficult for him to move forward.”

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