In the Usa Hig Capital Fund, the majority of Spa Onis Visa, the European leader in generator sets

In the Usa Hig Capital Fund, the majority of Spa Onis Visa, the European leader in generator sets

High capitalan international investment fund with a capital of $52 billion under management, has acquired the controlling stake in Eunice Visa Spathe leading European operator in the design, assembly and sale of generator sets and engine pumps.

The Hig investment will be made in partnership with the Barro family who founded the company more than 60 years ago and who will retain their current management roles in the company.
Founded in 1960, Onis Visa is today one of the recognized industry leaders in its market
For its advanced technical and engineering skills that allow the group to provide
Wide range of reliable, performance and highly customized solutions.
Over the years, Onis Visa has embarked on an ambitious and steady path of internationalization
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Today, the group – which generates revenues of more than 100 million euros annually – is present in more than 100 countries with a full range of generators from 2 to 2500 kVA of power and a wide range of motor pumps. The group’s strong technical skills have allowed Onis Visa to establish itself as the reference manufacturer for many target markets, including industrial, construction, healthcare, agriculture, data center and telecom, and large-scale distribution.
Lorenzo Barro, President and Co-CEO and Existing Partner at Onis Visa who will reinvest alongside HIG, said:
He commented: «We are really happy to partner with Hig – he declares Lorenzo Barrowand President, Co-CEO and Current Partner of Onis Visa -. We are convinced in fact that it is a theme with ideal characteristics for accompaniment Visa group And the entire management team through an additional path to grow and enhance their skills. The group pays great attention to the further development of environmentally friendly technologies using innovative systems such as endothermic hydrogen engines, biocompatible non-fossil fuels, energy storage systems, hybrid solutions and energy efficiency ».

«Haig’s investment – he adds Marco Barrow Co-CEO of Onis Visa – represents a fundamental step for the future of our group and will allow expanding the commercial strategy in order to increase our presence in international markets, while maintaining solid regional roots, as well as “acquisition” of companies with synergistic business.
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