The influencer with 1,100 tutorials that beat Google

he is called POLYLOTOPERa registered trademark, and victories on the networks of Dénia, in the Valencian Region, with Tutorial videos on how to make pillow ties –In Spanish, “encaje de bolillos”, hence the name. Raquel M. Adsuar He has 43,000 followers Youtube Those waiting on time for their lessons on this art of weaving, also known as randa making or box making.

Adsuar started there a little over a decade ago, when he was in his 30s. “You always caught my attention, But he didn't know how to do it. One day I went to a friend's house and she had some in the dining room. “The next day he was already in class with his teacher,” he explains over the phone to

This is how Raquel M. scores. Quilted lace tutorials that I've had success with on YouTube (EFE/Manuel Lorenzo)

It turned from just a hobby into her main devotion, and a few years ago she closed her music academy – where she was a piano and violin teacher – to work Open an online yarn store And different materials for making boxes.

Plus, he continues to teach everything he does on YouTube. With so much success that they competed for the trademark. Google is the owner of this network He tried to buy him the name Bolillotuber, To no avail, the lawsuit was settled in a trial in which Adsuar won over the tech giant.

“I made up this word and everyone knows me that way. It's my idea. There are more people who want to use it, but they don't have to take advantage of it.”

Single pillow tips A century-old technique consisting of interwoven threads Which are rolled into boxes, which are a type of wooden cylinder. As the work progresses, the beginning of the thread is secured using pins set into a pad, hence the name.

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More than 1100 lessons on YouTube

Adsuar explains that when she opened social media, people started following her and one user asked her how to make a point. He sent her a video on WhatsApp and that's how it started.

“In the first videos, I was teaching the things I did, but people had doubts, there are not many Poixt masters… In the channel, you can watch videos whenever you want and learn from them. This is where the spiral started.”

This is how the young woman started uploading videos frequently, continued to increase her followers and now she has already surpassed them 1,100 lessons on YouTube.

“What I always try to do is explain it to people who don't know about it. I've spent my whole life teaching and teaching kids… I think that's what gets people hooked on it, it's fun and it's easy.”

Workshop “Politober” Raquel M. Walls (EFE/Manuel Lorenzo)

The “return” of this textile art

Virgo point, Spiders, Spirit point or Algebra These are just some of the techniques that Adsuar offers to its audience for making gloves, fans or tablecloths. “When I started, the world was so dark, There was nothing on the internet. From crochet, yes, and from other handicrafts too, but from boxers, nothing.”

Through the videos, he witnessed the technology's “comeback” and “brutal change.” The majority of her audience are women in their 60s, mostly from Spain, but also from Spain Puerto Rico, Panama, Costa Rica, Uruguay, And European countries such as France, Belgium and Russia. But Adsuar sees how new generations are joining in, and men too:

“Every time there are more young people, they become more accessible. I see a future there.”

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