Ukraine, massacre in the building in Dnipro. Zelensky: Cowardly silence of the Russian people – Europe

Ukraine, massacre in the building in Dnipro.  Zelensky: Cowardly silence of the Russian people – Europe

Volodymyr Zelensky condemned The “cowardly silence” of the Russian people following a missile attack on a building in the city of Dnipro which killed at least 30 people. “Your cowardly silence and your attempt to wait for the end of what is happening will end only with the fact that someday these same terrorists will come to you,” the Ukrainian president said in his evening address. Zelensky added that he had received many messages of sympathy from all over the world. Addressing the Russians in their own language, he noted that “they have so far been unable to utter words of condemnation of this terror.”

Hour by hour, the death toll is rising in Dnipro, scene of the latest massacre, one of the most serious in the conflict in Ukraine. The death toll rose to at least 35 Of the Russian attack on Saturday on an apartment building: the governor of the Dnipropetrovsk region, Valentin Reznichenko, announced on Telegram, Ukrinform reports. “Overnight, rescuers pulled out several more bodies from the rubble of a multi-storey building destroyed by a Russian missile. The enemy attack claimed the lives of 35 residents of the building. The fate of another 35 residents of the building is unknown,” Reznichenko wrote. The search for people trapped under the rubble continues. The rescue operation has been going on for nearly 40 hours.

Among the victims was a 15-year-old girl. More than 70 people were injured, including 13 children, while the fate of 30 missing persons is still unknown. Even children are digging through the rubble, but with time running out inexorably, hopes of finding more survivors are “slim”, according to Mayor Boris Filatov.

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And while one is still looking at the shapeless mass that was once a condominium, Vladimir Putin’s words sound like a slap in the face, welcoming the “positive dynamics” that the “military special operation” has taken on in Ukraine, emphasizing that “Everything is developing according to the plans of the military leaders.”. Without mentioning Dnipro, Russia’s defense ministry said Saturday’s strikes had “achieved their goal”: “On January 14, a missile attack was carried out on the Ukrainian military command and control system and related facilities. All identified structures were affected.”

Kyiv again condemns it “The Russian Federation is deliberately killing Ukrainians en masse”In the words of presidential advisor Mykhailo Podolyak. Condemnation comes from the West for what Poland explicitly describes as a “war crime” and Germany demands that “the Russians responsible for these actions be held accountable”, while talk of a possible visit by the Pope again in Kyiv has been relaunched. the invitation.

Remains of the Dnipro Palace where 72 apartments were destroyed and more than 230 apartments were damaged. Someone sent text messages to indicate they were still alive, and others activated flashlights on their smartphones to be identified. 39 people were rescued. “We continue to fight for every life,” President Volodymyr Zelensky promised, while those who do not find the logic of a similar massacre among Ukrainians grow desperate: “There is no air defense, there are no military bases here. “There is no air defense, there are no military bases here,” says Ivan, among the shocked survivors: “ It only hit innocent civilians.” Other residents joined rescuers to help clear the rubble, or brought food and warm clothes for those who lost their homes. “This is terrorism, it’s all simply not humane,” says Artem, as she cleans up the rubble.

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Even in the face of dozens of dead civilians, one cannot hope for a day of rest from the bombing. like him, New attacks fell on KhersonWhere the building in which the representatives of the Red Cross and a children’s center work was targeted. As Ukrainian regions attempt to recover from new damage to critical infrastructure, eyes remain turned east, where the Russians claim success in their advance toward Bakhmut. “The enemy does not abandon its intentions to capture the entire Donetsk region,” admits the Ukrainian General Staff, speaking of “Russian offensive operations in Bakhmut and Avdiivka.”

City Council Secretary Anatoly Kurtiev said on Telegram that three people, including two children, were injured in a Russian missile attack on the city of Zaporizhia in southeastern Ukraine last night. “Three people were taken to the hospital. Among them are two children, ages nine and fifteen,” Kurtiev wrote, adding that rescue teams of the State Emergency Service, doctors and utility workers were working at the scene. Some infrastructure was destroyed in the attack.

Peace is still a mirage, the battlefield is the only perspective. From Kyiv there is a constant request for more weapons to defeat the invader at the front. Those same weapons that could have prevented the Dnipro massacre, according to the Ukrainian Air Force: the raid was carried out “undoubtedly with the Kh-22” and “only anti-aircraft missile systems that could be supplied to Ukraine in the future by Western partners (such as the Patriot or SAMPT) can intercept them.” NATO Secretary General Stoltenberg responded to the appeal, confident that Ukraine could soon expect more heavy weapons from the West. He said that “recent commitments to procure heavy war equipment are important,” but “I expect to receive more in the near future.”

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