“The execution of 5 prisoners.” Shock video

“The execution of 5 prisoners.”  Shock video

South American Notes

Lula, Lukashenko and the International Labor Organization
The government of Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, a former trade unionist, chose to abstain today at the International Labor Organization (ILO) condemning trade union repression and abuses of workers’ rights in Belarus, Vladimir Putin’s biggest ally. . “Among the calculations of Brazilian diplomacy, the goal is to avoid taking positions that might harm your candidacy to be a potential facilitator in a dialogue between Russians and Ukrainians,” the Brazilian press wrote today.

Belarus is one of Russia’s main allies in the war. Alexander Lukashenko He is a dictator like Nicolas MaduroThis is why it is subject to sanctions by Western governments. At the end of the vote, the Lula government asked for an explanation of its position and emphasized that for Brazil, any decision taken by the Commission and the International Labor Conference must preserve the possibility of addressing the human rights situation in Belarus “through dialogue and the engagement of the Minsk government with the ILO and other multilateral agencies.” This He is the reason for Brazil’s abstention.” From the former trade unionist, there is very little solidarity with the trade unionists arrested by Lukashenko, but after all, after what Lula said about Maduro, this is not surprising.

Mexico: Shocking video of the army’s execution of five prisoners
The video shows Operation Sedena in Nuevo Laredo. Elements of the Mexican military had reported that five armed civilians were killed in a shootout in the state of Tamaulipas on May 18, but this video shows it was, in fact, an execution.

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Paolo Manzo, June 7, 2023

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