Switzerland, cow bells and red cross flags. In Zermatt, a popular demonstration in support of the arrested restaurateur No Fax (video)

Canton Police Valais, in the heart of the Swiss Alps, chose a hard line against a restaurateur, a restaurateur and the sircan, in the middle Zermatt. In particular, restaurant managers announced that they had no intention of requesting a health clearance from customers. After the first alarms, acts of insubordination continued, resulting in the closure of the restaurant. Even with the place closed, the owners’ protest continued, with events staged in front of their store, to the point of forcing the police to take more muscular action. owners were Arrested The gods were placed in front of the storefronts concrete blocks To prevent circumvention of the law again.

Needless to say, the arrest divided public opinion and the people no fax Mobilize by organizing protests (the one in the video is dated October 31 last). The protests did not go unheard, even the review court considered the police action too strict, and ordered the concrete blocks to be removed and Titolay released. However, the license is still pending and the restaurant is closed to the public.

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