Georgia, the protest against the law on “foreign agents” continues: thousands of demonstrators gathered in front of parliament

Georgia, the protest against the law on “foreign agents” continues: thousands of demonstrators gathered in front of parliament

The leader of the opposition United National Movement party had called for daily demonstrations until the legislation was repealed. 66 people were arrested in Tuesday night’s protests

thousands Of the demonstrators gathered again Wednesday afternoon in the square in front of Parliament to Tbilisi: continue on Georgia Protest against the “foreign agents” law approved by the association’s first reading on Tuesday. I was there on a Tuesday night Violent clashes Between the demonstrators and the police: they were used tear gasAnd Water cannons And spray. take the floor, Levan KhbeshviliLeader of the Georgian opposition party United National Movementmade a call to hold Daily demonstrations Even repeal the legislation lo and behold burnt publicly from the papers on which the text of the law is printed. They were arrested during the clashes that took place on Tuesday evening 66 demonstrators 50 policemen were injured. the Arrested During the protest on Tuesday, Tbilisi TV reported, they will be charged with crimes vandalism Based on resistance to the police.

The approval of the law provoked a harsh reaction from Europe, given that V March 2022 Georgia submitted to request tomembership to the European Union. President of the European Council, Charles MichelleHe said he was “very concerned” and wrote on Twitter: “Right in Peaceful protest It is at the heart of any democracy. The adoption of this law on “foreign agents” is not compatible with the path of the European Union, which wants a majority in Georgia. Commitment to the rule of law and human values Basic For the EU project. ” The Georgian Parliament showed “Absolute respect for European institutions” by sending the law to commission from Venice affiliate Advise From Europe. “But tell us we can’t Not even a discussion This law is one violation Georgian state and society, ”answered the head of the ruling party Georgian dreamAnd Heracles Kobakhidzeciting the Russian agency user interface.

The “Foreign Customers” law provides for this Non-commercial companies They received above 20% Their own financing From foreign sources strictly registered as foreign agents, with possible determinants for their activities. In this way, I will mainly be affected middle: for oppositions The standard is trying to set information gag. president of georgia, Salome Zurabishvilifrom New York where she is currently visiting, she addressed those involved in the protests and expressed her support: “I am addressing you who represent Free Georgia. See her Georgia The future is in Europe The President stressed that she will not allow anyone to deprive her of this future. However, the law will only be discussed again between “some MonthsAnd Kobakhidze always explained that once he obtained the opinion of the Venice Commission of the Council of Europe.

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