March 23, 2023

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The Russian-Ukrainian war and Sweden rule out joining NATO: “This part of Europe will further destabilize”

Sweden does not intend to join NATO. the reason? The risk of destabilizing Europe, with possible reactions to Russia. “If at this moment Sweden decides to offer request to NATOThis part of Europe will be subject to more instability, the Social Democratic Prime Minister said at a press conference Magdalena Andersonafter a meeting with the main Swedish political forces.

Anderson intervened after the Russian invasion of Ukraine opened the debate about the possible entry Sweden And the Finland in NATO. But at the moment Stockholm does not want to change its policy. Andersen said that along with the Finnish government, he sent a Brussels A joint document reminding that in the event of an armed attack, member states are obligated to provide “support and assistance with All available means“as stipulated” joint defense clause contained in the Treaty of Lisbon.

Anderson did not rule out the possibility of sending war materials to Ukraine, although Sweden would prefer to focus on it for the time being Fighting cyber attacks and computer hacking. Russian invasion Ukraine Public opinion in the neutral countries is of great concern, with polls recording, for the first time since the birth of the Atlantic alliance, a majority, albeit slightly higher than 50%in favor of NATO membership.

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