Whatsapp, an important novelty comes to apply immediately

Whatsapp, an important novelty comes to apply immediately

WhatsApp is at the center of an important novelty of incredible benefit: it must be dealt with by agents, to keep track of every detail that needs to be known

When it comes to WhatsApp, great attention is always paid to useful and important news, just as in this case where agents are involved: all the must-know aspects to follow.

Today’s information

Popular and popular use Instant messaging application It is now daily and popular with an incredible number of users. In fact, whether it is work or private life, there are many who exchange messages, voice and text every day. And again, multimedia content, attachments, and so on.

It’s becoming increasingly central to everyone’s life, and sometimes it can unable to use it For a few minutes, but also, in some cases, for hours. Consider, for example, when, although not often, application goes in lowest.

However, A.J to update Which deserve special attention that can prevent this from happening and avoid this problem.

In detail, as you can read WaBetaInfoAnd In fact, it looks like there will be a way to continue sending messages even when the internet is down. And this is precisely by virtue of proxy servers

Important WhatsApp news: what are proxies and what are they for

Topic The WhatsApp He always associates himself with the varied and the precious ads That improve the user experience, enrich the application with features and functionality, and continue to win the admiration of fans.

As already mentioned, we do not lack interest, precisely because the “green” application has an incredible number of users. Here’s what might be of interest Learn more about the latest innovations, which are really numerous and which relate to different areas of use.

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And back to the point in question, this modernity is related to the fact that in certain regions of the world, such as, for example, iran, There may be governments that act in a way that does not make it possible for citizens to be able toThey use the app which is very popular in the world.

An obstacle that can be dealt with like this ads. As shown between Frequently asked questions about the green app, The way you go to set the function that allows you to re-establish the connection with the application is explored.

Simply, to make people can Communicate freely and safely“. the developers I’m informed that there is a way to involve a proxy, using a server with “80, 443, or 522 ports, which is available. And again, a domain, or subdomain it is Indicates the server’s IP address.

To make available specific documentation and the source code of the application is available github.com.

It also reports Newspaper.it, we read about the possibility of considering the idea of ​​sharing this Private addresses with userswho cannot “Contact directly with WhatsApp.”

Some details about proxies and privacy

So basically server Which one works mediatorso to speak, between a device that sits between the browsing user and the portal or page one wishes to access, and acts as an intermediary.

The same principle will be used from before The WhatsApp Regarding any problem if any malfunctions.

One reads that such a mechanism saw its creation equally at that time Internet must be down For various reasons. Think hackers, technical problems, etc. However, its creation is also obliged to deal with it Difficulties imposed by some governments in some countries. This allows people to access the app and exchange messages.

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just for sake android how much internal control Department This post must be visible through the last post to update of the same. Under the Settings menu, Options.

The developers in this regard noted that the connection via proxies carry”Same high level of privacy and security.” provided by the application.

There will be the same protection as end-to-end encryption, I specified, regarding personal messages. They also emphasized ensuring that messages will remain between sender and receiver, Which leads to not seeing others in the middle. It will not be for Application, Proxy Servers, Meta.

as he read free technology, However, it is determined by The WhatsApp that The proxy is managed by third parties It is not dead. By way of reflection, we remember that whoever is in charge of management The IP address can be read who uses it. Not in the conversations.

Basically, everyone who runs agents knows that the messaging app is being used, but not the contents. It’s an element relevant Since then, in certain places where the application is blocked by the system, it can also be Source of danger even simple use of. In this

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