Ukraine, Live – WSJ: “US asks Zelensky to ‘consider realistic demands for peace’.” Kyiv: “Russia will be ready to negotiate after the liberation of Donbass”

Ukraine, Live – WSJ: “US asks Zelensky to ‘consider realistic demands for peace’.”  Kyiv: “Russia will be ready to negotiate after the liberation of Donbass”

Zelensky: 400 Russian war crimes discovered in Kherson

Investigators have already documented more than 400 Russian war crimes, civilian and military bodies have been found. This was stated by Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky in his evening speech. “The situation in the Kherson region is still very dangerous. First of all, the mines. Unfortunately, one of our engineers died. Four others were injured while they were mine.” The Ukrainian president added that in the Kherson region, the detention of abandoned Russian soldiers and mercenaries continues in this region.

Media: “US asked Zelensky to consider ‘realistic demands’ for peace”

White House National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan suggested to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky to show himself open to possible negotiations with Russia: doing so – the US administration believes – would allow him to have more weight and be able to influence. more on his counterpart. Citing some sources, the Wall Street Journal reported, that Sullivan advised her in a recent meeting with Zelensky to start thinking about “realistic demands and priorities for negotiations, including a reassessment” of the goal of restoring Crimea, which was annexed in 2014.

Ukrainian authorities: the evacuation of citizens from Kherson is a danger of bombing

The head of the Kherson regional administration, Yaroslav Yanushevich, called on the residents of the liberated lands in the region to evacuate due to the high risk of Russian bombing. Ukranska Pravda Report. “In the Kherson region, on the right bank, there is still a high probability of enemy shelling,” Janusevich wrote on Telegram, adding that “the vile enemies before fleeing have caused serious damage to our vital infrastructure that supplies us with electricity, heat and water. Therefore, we strongly advise you to evacuate to Safer areas.

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The Wagner Group kills an opponent with a hammer and publishes the video

A horrific execution by the Wagner Brigade, a Russian group of mercenaries fighting in the war on Ukraine, was shown in a shocking video posted on the web. In the clip, a man identified by mercenaries as Yevgeny Nazhi and accused of treason appears, being beaten on the head. In the video, we see the Russian soldier with the side of his head resting on a stone, hit by the executioners with a baton that kills him instantly. Observers note that the shocking photos are one way Wagner warns anyone who decides to defect. According to the Nexta portal, Nuzhi was captured by Ukrainian forces months ago, and as soon as he became a prisoner, he expressed his desire to fight Putin. What has not yet leaked is where it fell into the hands of the mercenaries. One account states that he arrived on Russian soil as part of a prisoner exchange last Friday and was immediately identified by the Wagner Group.

700,000 Russians have arrived in Georgia since the mobilization began

About 700,000 Russian citizens have left for Georgia after President Vladimir Putin announced a “partial” mobilization in the country for the conflict in Ukraine: Georgian President Salome Zurabishvili told France Radio, Ukrainian media reported. Zurabishvili said about 100,000 Russians remained in Georgia, while 600,000 may have left for other countries. There are also about 30,000 Ukrainians forced to flee due to the war in Georgia.

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Moscow: “The opening of a village in Donetsk”

Russian Defense Spokesman Igor Konashenkov said during the daily press report that Russian forces “liberated the village of Mayorsk towards Donetsk.” According to the official, the attack led to the destruction of enemy weapons and equipment. And in the Zaporizhzhya region, on the other hand, “3 pieces of American artillery were destroyed and 30 foreign instructors and mercenaries were eliminated.”

Pope Francis: “It’s World War III, let’s ask ourselves what we can do”

“I also ask this question today: What does the Lord say to us in the face of this third world war? What does the Lord tell us? Do not avoid asking yourself: What does the Lord say to me and what do I do good?” Thus, the Pope took up arms in his homily during the Mass for the International Day of the Poor. Today each of us must ask himself in the face of so many misfortunes, in the face of this very cruel third world war, in the face of the hunger of so many children, of so many people – he added -: I can get lost, waste money, waste my life, waste The meaning of my life without having the courage to move forward?”

Kyiv: “Russia will be ready to negotiate after the liberation of Donbass”

The Ukrainian presidency believes that Russia will already be ready to negotiate peace and withdraw its forces from the country after the liberation of Donetsk and Lugansk: the presidential adviser wrote on Twitter Michael Podolac. Politically and psychologically, Russia is not yet ripe for real negotiations and troop withdrawal. But this will happen. Immediately after the liberation of Donetsk and Lugansk, Podolyak said, adding that the current support for the war in Russia itself is “quickly falling to the bottom.” Everyone “from the oligarch to the shoemaker” forms the opinion that “it is time to stop it.”

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Kyiv: “Air-alert across the country, fighters from Belarus”

Air alert was declared across Ukraine this morning after reports of a MiG-31K taking off from Belarusian soil, capable of carrying Kinzhal missiles and other fighter. write it UNIAN. Citizens were asked to immediately go to shelters and remain safe until the alert ends.

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