Colboni asks the government to spend $3,000 million on extending the metro

Colboni asks the government to spend $3,000 million on extending the metro

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Barcelona Mayor Jaume Colboni submitted a request on Friday to the state government to accelerate investments to expand several Barcelona Metro lines.

Why is it important? The mayor is betting on linking Barcelona better with major cities and thus relieving congestion in the city mired in an unprecedented housing crisis, and so that people can live in major cities nearby.

in detail: Collboni requested that work begin on the L1 extension in Badalona; Bring L3 to Esplugues de Llobregat; Progress the L2 via Montjuïc and complete the L4 from La Pau to La Sagrera.

  • He added: “It should not be forgotten that our population is 5 million people. Greater Barcelona needs infrastructure such as the metro. These communications then solve other problems such as housing.”
  • Colboni has put these numbers on the table: he believes that around 3,000 million euros should be invested in the next ten years. He stressed that “this number can be borne by the public mandate, if this is done step by step,” and directly called for efforts to be made to increase investment.
  • Despite this, Collboni celebrated the boost given to works on the L9 and work on the L8 extension of the Ferrocarrills from Plaça d'Espanya to Gràcia.

To end: The mayor also announced that the implementation project of the tramway along the Diagonal Line from Plaça de Francesc Macià to Verdaguer will be completed in July this year.

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