The national meeting of the giants makes history in the streets of Barcelona, ​​despite the threat of rain

The national meeting of the giants makes history in the streets of Barcelona, ​​despite the threat of rain

Barcelona is today the giant capital of the world. One of the most famous festivals takes place in the city streets: Easter National Giants Meeting. It is the first act of commemoration Six hundred years of giants in Barcelona. The entourage, consisting of two hundred and thirty gangs and more than six hundred giants, left at 11.00 from several points in the city and headed towards the Arc de Triomphe, located on the Paseo de Lluís. It is the second largest huge meeting ever held, and has gathered more than twenty thousand people, according to the Urban Guard. “We are making history,” said the president of Agrupació de Colles Giganteres de Catalunya, Miquel Ángel Udi Muñoz. Although some raindrops fell, events continued as usual.

The Pine Giants lead one of the marches

Giant gang Pine giants Heading the parade that left the Plaça d'Urquinaona, with figures Mustafa I Elisenda, who was involved in an accident last week in Girona, is in the lead. The rest of the Giants' National Meeting rallies departed from Ciutadella Park, El Born and Estacio del Nord Park. In all, there are gangs from all over the country – Catalonia, Valencia, Northern Catalonia – and also from the Basque Country, Navarre, Aragon and Madrid.

The party ended around 1:30 p.m Final stories. Although a few drops fell, all the giant gangs managed to hit their stride. The rain forced some of the Giants to take cover.

Initially, the Coordinator and Agrupació de Colles Giganteres expected between one hundred and fifty to one hundred and eighty gangs to join. Finally, there were two hundred and thirty.

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This year marks six centuries since the first written reference to a giant in Barcelona and in the world. The reference is Barcelona celebrations bookWho talks about the procession that took place in the body of the Lord in 1424 and says: “King David ab Le Gigante.”

Right now, it was the largest giant gathering ever to occur in it Butternut squash In 1992. And it was The second international meeting of the giants She managed to collect 652 giants from all over the world: Portugal, Spain, Great Britain, Belgium, Japan, France, Netherlands, Austria, Italy and Germany.

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