Live Ukraine: bombing in Lugansk, sirens in many cities, fire in Kharkiv, missiles in Lviv. The United States: a nuclear threat

Live Ukraine: bombing in Lugansk, sirens in many cities, fire in Kharkiv, missiles in Lviv.  The United States: a nuclear threat

war at UkraineToday, March 18th, it will be broadcast live: attacks, fires and victims. While America talks about a nuclear threat if the conflict continues. Bombing in Lugansk, sirens in many cities. Tension, even diplomatic, is still very high: in fact it is Scheduled at 9 local time (14 in Italy) the phone call between Joe Biden and Chinese President Xi Jinping to discuss, in particular, the Russian invasion. This was announced by the White House.

Ukraine, direct

7-28 AM – The Ukrainian army bombed five sites in Luhansk RepublicFive times in the last 24 hours. This was reported by the “TASS” news agency about the pro-Russian separatist leader, who reported that 18 homes and factories, as well as an iron production plant, were damaged.

7.22 am – One lifeguard died and another was injured tonight after one of the largest shopping centers in Kharkiv was hit by Russian bombing. The Guardian reports online. The emergency services intervened after the alarm was sounded in the wake of the fire that broke out after the Russian raids on the Ukrainian city with two wings in the middle while two other apartment buildings were partially damaged. Following the bombing, two rescuers were injured, one of whom died shortly after, while the other was taken to hospital.

7.16 am – It wasn’t the airport but it hit an adjacent building. This was confirmed by the mayor of Lviv on Telegram, after the explosions that occurred this morning in the city of western Ukraine. “It’s not about the airport,” he wrote.

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6.17 am – Three explosions are heard in the area of ​​Lviv Civil Airport. Official sources have not yet confirmed the news, but the first videos of the attack are already circulating on Telegram and Twitter. The explosions occurred as a result of anti-aircraft sirens sounding around six in the morning local time.

6.04 am – Russian President Vladimir Putin can resort to threats nuclear If the war in Ukraine continues. This is the latest assessment from the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA), the Pentagon’s intelligence agency. “Because this war and its consequences are slowly diminishing conventional power RussiaBloomberg reports that Moscow will “likely rely increasingly on its nuclear deterrent to wield power over its domestic and foreign audiences.”

“The prolonged occupation of parts of the Ukrainian territory threatens to weaken the Russian army and reduce its arsenal of modern weapons, while the resulting economic sanctions may cause a prolonged economic stagnation and a state of diplomatic isolation,” the senior officer explained. He added that the combination of Ukrainian resistance and economic sanctions would threaten “Russia’s ability to produce precision-guided munitions.”

Kharkiv, at five in the evening, horror falls. ‘The Russians are on time’

5.55 am – Anti-raid sirens are sounding in more regions of Ukraine. This was reported by the BBC Online, citing the Ukrainian agency Ukrenform. The alarm sounded in the western regions of Rivne, Volyn, Lviv, Ternopil and Ivano-Frankivsk.

5.30 – A massive fire broke out in a major market in Kharkiv after Russian missiles hit new targets in the Ukrainian city. The Guardian reports online. There are currently no casualties reported. The market has been closed since the beginning of the Russian invasion. The city of eastern Ukraine continues to be subjected to heavy bombardment and artillery fire.

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5.40 am – According to British intelligence analysts, Russia had to hijack “large numbers” of troops to defend its supply lines rather than continue its attacks on Ukraine. The Guardian writes that the British Ministry of Defense recently released an intelligence report that said logistical problems continue to plague Russia’s “stalled” invasion of Ukraine. “A reluctance to maneuver around the country, a lack of aerial surveillance and limited connectivity capabilities, prevent Russia from effectively supplying its forces with even basic necessities such as food and fuel,” the MoD says in the report. “Continuous Ukrainian counterattacks, he continues, are forcing Russia to hijack a large number of troops to defend its supply lines. This severely limits his offensive potential.

Putin, Traitors’ Nightmare: Purges and Arrests Begin. “We will clean up society and be stronger”

5.10 am – Ukrainian actress Oksana Shvets, 67, known for her work on the big screen and stage, was killed in a Russian missile attack in Kyiv. This was announced by the local theater, international media reported. “During the bombing of an apartment building in Kyiv, award-winning Ukrainian artist, Oksana Shvets,” reads a statement from the Young Theater on Facebook. Great memory of a talented actress! No forgiveness for the enemy who has reached our land! The theatrical statement continues. Veteran in theater and screen for decades, the actress has received one of the highest artistic awards in her country for her continued commitment to theatre.

5.01 am – Australia announced new sanctions against 11 Russian banks and government agencies. This was announced by the Secretary of State, Marise Payne, who wrote for CNN online. Payne said Australia would continue to work with its partners to coordinate sanctions and “raise funds for President (Vladimir) Putin’s illegal war”. “Today’s sanctions include the Russian National Wealth Fund and the Russian Ministry of Finance. With our recent inclusion of the Russian Central Bank, Australia has now targeted all government entities in Moscow responsible for issuing and managing Russian sovereign debt. “Most Russian banking activities are now covered by our sanctions along with all entities that manage Russia’s sovereign debt,” he added. Payne also announced new sanctions against Russian oligarchs Viktor Vekselberg and Oleg Deripaska, president of Rusal Aluminium, which owns 20% of the Australian Alumina company in Queensland. Payne said Australia was “strongly committed to imposing heavy costs on Russia” and reiterated Canberra’s “unwavering support for the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine and the Ukrainian people.”

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4.48 am – South Korea will close its temporary embassy in Lviv due to “escalating military threats” near the city in western Ukraine. This was announced by the State Department, writes on the Internet CNN. In a statement, the ministry said that the growing threats made it difficult for the temporary embassy to “work and safety of its employees.” South Korea moved its embassy in Ukraine from the capital, Kyiv, to the city of Lviv on March 3. It also operates temporary offices in Chernivtsi, in southwestern Ukraine, and in Romania, which will remain open instead.

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