Horta's father killed his children and committed suicide by gassing

Horta's father killed his children and committed suicide by gassing

Barcelona's Jutjat d'Instrucció No. 26 is awaiting the autopsy of the two minors, aged 10 and 7, and their father Francisco PM, who was found dead on Monday from carbon monoxide inhalation in the basement of Paseo Universal in Barcelona. Mossos d'Esquadra suspect that this is a case of indirect violence in which the father allegedly wanted to kill his children and commit suicide to harm the mother from whom he had been separated for three years.

Forensic men examined the apartment where the bodies were found in the afternoon, and found that the doors and windows were closed and the gas switch to the kitchen was open. Investigative sources indicate that the 53-year-old father killed his two children, Xavier and Noah, and then committed suicide by filling the house with carbon monoxide. An autopsy will reveal how he killed them, as the bodies of the minors did not show any external injuries.

The investigation is also focusing on whether the father gave any type of substance to his children, as well as determining when the death occurred. Officers searched the man's home and electronic devices to see if he had left any messages.

The mother found out that the children did not go to school, because it was the father who had to pick them up in the morning, and she called Francisco by phone. He did not answer. He went to his house, but they did not answer him. His family didn't know anything either, so the mother alerted Mossos de Escodra to go to Francisco's house.

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A patrol went to the father's apartment, on the ground floor of Paseo Universal Street No. 47, at around 5:30 p.m., and when they noticed the smell of monoxide, they notified the fire department, of the possibility of an explosion due to the accumulation of gas. . Emergency services entered through the yard, once through the gate, and then entered the house through a window. The three bodies were found there.

The Mossos Criminal Investigation Department is investigating this case while the court ordered the proceedings to be kept secret. There is no history of violence between the deceased and the children's mother, whom he did not live with. The father had been living at this address for about three years, according to neighbors, but he barely had any contact with the other residents of the building, who remember that he would sometimes be accompanied by his children or that the mother would take them every two. Weeks, when it was up to him to get custody.

“normal house”

Vina, a neighbor of the building, confirmed that Francisco “was not very sociable,” as she saw him. “He never scolded or shouted at the children. He would go into his house and close everything, even in the summer.” He added: “I never suspected that he was a stranger or anything like that, just a regular guy.” He explained that about two months ago, “the little girl was crying because she did not want to stay after her mother left her, so she said: ‘I have to leave you, my love,’ and he was intervening with affectionate words.” “For them.” Fina said: “He also killed this woman because he killed her two children.”

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