Plug and play PV power, why should it be installed?

Plug and play PV power, why should it be installed?

Often, a plug-and-play photovoltaic system appears on balconies, terraces and gardens. Although there are no big claims, it is a valid alternative for everyone and its main characteristics are worth exploring closely. Is it really worth it? Let’s see what the experts say!

Connect and turn on the photovoltaic cells on the balcony

Photovoltaics are one of the best ways to save on bills and that’s why they are becoming more and more popular. The Plug and play photovoltaic cells, in particular, it’s a novelty that you’ve no doubt heard about already more than anything, including the benefits, costs, and all the rest. It is located around Small solar systems that can be easily installed on the balcony, windows or directly in the garden.

there The power is always less than 800W So the claims cannot be exaggerated. Just know, however, that it is for installation No special permission required: A simple connection to the mains is sufficient to ensure that the energy produced by the panels is transmitted to the home network.

Do you really save money? Should it be installed? Just to this question, some of the leading experts in the sector have recently provided an answer. The savingsin particular, it was identified in a percentage of about 20%. The advantages undoubtedly lie in Easy installation as well as a completely sustainable way to produce energy. What are the costs? in the middle The price of the painting is about 450 euros. However, it should be noted that it is possible to take advantage of state incentives to make the selection more advantageous.

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