“The world is waiting for us to work together” – Corriere.it

“The world is waiting for us to work together” – Corriere.it
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The most anticipated meeting began. Chinese leader: ‘There is nothing better than meeting face to face’

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Bali – It’s a day
Summit full of expectations
Since Joe Biden was in the White House. Today is Monday 14th November USA President started in Face to face with Chinese leader Xi Jinping With these words:The world is waiting for China and the United States to work together On critical issues, such as climate change. We should avoid that our competition leads to some conflict.”

Xi Jinping He replied by recalling unspecified “lessons from history”. He then noted his long familiarity with Biden, “The last time we met in Davos was in 2017,” It is a pleasure to see you again, there is nothing better than meeting face to faceThe Chinese president also stressed that “the world is looking forward to it.” Dialogue between the two largest countriesHe expects our leaders to be able to advance our relationship for the good of all.”

Later, Italian afternoon, Biden will summarize the only press conference scheduled for his Asian tour. The meeting comes on the eve of the G20 summit in Indonesia. Biden has been waiting for this moment for nearly two years. The US president began his term with two goals: “stabilizing” relations with Vladimir Putin by offering him a wide-ranging agreement on armaments. To “set the rules of the game” with Xi Jinping, so that the economic, technological and diplomatic “challenge of the century” does not get out of hand.

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The first step swept Putin’s attack on Ukraine. The second, critical to the United States, has been compromised several times in recent months. The latest episode of Nancy Pelosi’s August attack in Taiwan. It is clear, then, that The approach of diplomats is very wise. It could be said that Biden and Xi came close to having their headlights out. None of us want a shocking breakup. But the context is complex. And then it will go step by step, as National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan explained.

First we’ll proceed to clear up the misunderstanding table: Americans and Chinese will announce what their “red lines” are, Biden said. It is clear that the “Taiwan question” can appear from the outset. It is the highest obstacle: we will see if and how it will be overcome. The Pentagon has made a significant contribution to the agenda: US generals would like to activate a permanent channel of engagement with their counterparts in Beijing.

Sullivan also explained it thus: “The American and Chinese fleets often cross the same waters of the Indo-Pacific. We must ensure that there are no accidents between two nuclear powers.” After the difficult initial stage, you should proceed to the construction part. Are there spaces for cooperation between China and the United States? The answer was the same two years ago, as Biden himself initially noted: “Climate change,” a pandemic, energy, and the relaunching of globalization.

Another “great destabilizing factor”, Vladimir Putin, remained in Moscow. Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov sent To represent it and above all to try to break the international isolation. On the other hand, Lavrov, according to Indonesian official sources, would have ended up in the hospital upon his arrival, due to a heart problem.. From Moscow, the Foreign Ministry initially denied the matter, then admitted that it was just a “routine examination”.

Will there be secret contacts between the Russians and the Americans? He was dismissed by National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan Answer the question with a sharp “no”. But the summit only begins tomorrow, Tuesday 15th and continues until Wednesday 16th at lunchtime. There are still many hours of “exposure” and anything can happen. Including the initiation of a “trilateral” dialogue, that is, mediated by other countries. Indonesia, the host, is available. South Africa has offered explicitly. There could also be India, and of course China. Biden will once again urge Xi Jinping to put pressure on Putin. In recent weeks, the Chinese president has openly shown signs of impatience.

However, she has always maintained contact with the Kremlin. But at this point, we have entered a new phase. The United States is interested in understanding whether the Chinese are ready to create conditions for international negotiations, always keeping the will of the Ukrainians in the center of gravity.. The Indonesian presidency invited Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba, but, at least for now, it has not accepted the request Volodymyr Zelensky, who would like to participate in an online speech. A warning sign not to turn the G-20 into an international court-type session against Russia. The Indonesian government prepared the appointment carefully, not only by rallying primary school children, lining up on the sidewalks to welcome the delegates of the 19 guest countries with flags. Indonesian President Joko Vidodo has tried to claim credit as a potential mediator in various crisis regions. This particular summit will be a demonstration of how the great powers must take into account broader international dynamics. Biden and Xi Jinping compete fiercely to unite or build alliances in the Indo-Pacific. Before landing in Bali, the US president attended the Association of Southeast Asian Nations meeting in Cambodia. He brought to Vidodo a strong package of economic investment and military aid as a dowry.

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