Udinese – Sassuolo 2-2: Final score and highlights

Udinese – Sassuolo 2-2: Final score and highlights
  • Thank you for watching the live broadcast of the Udinese and Sassuolo match with us. We will see you in the next round of the Italian League.17:00

  • The next day, Udinese will face Torino, while Sassuolo will have to deal with Genoa.16:59

  • Incredible match at Dacia Arena. After a generally quiet first half, animated only by Luka’s goal, it all really happened in the second half. First, Udinese doubled their lead with Pereira’s goal, and the game now appears to be going Juventus’ way. However, the red card shown to Bayrou, who was guilty of the Sassuolo charge, was completely mixed up. The Neroverde were constantly attacking, shooting two shots, but at the same time winning two penalty kicks: in both cases, Domenico Berardi from the penalty spot and on both occasions the result was the same. A double for the Neroverde and the match ended with a score of 2-2.16:59

  • 90’+6′

    End of the match: Udinese – Sassuolo 2-2 (36′ Luca, 55′ Pereira, 76′, 88′ Berardi).16:55

  • 90’+2′

    Yellow card for Roberto Pereira.16:52

  • 90’+1′

    Substitution for Udinese: Lorenzo Luca exits, Isaac Success enters.16:51

  • 90’+1′

    Second substitution for Udinese, with Wallace leaving and Auer Zarraga entering.16:50

  • 90′

    Yellow card for Adam Masina.16:50

  • 89′

    Substitution for Sassuolo, with Armand Llorente leaving and Emile Sayed entering.16:50

  • 88′

    Goal! Udinese – Sassuolo 2-2 Domenico Berardi goal! Once again, the Neroverdi winger plays a decisive role from eleven metres.

    Take a look at Domenico Berardi’s player profile16:48

  • 87′

    A new penalty kick for Sassuolo, this time due to a foul by Kabasele on Molatere.16:49

  • 85′

    Sassuolo is still very dangerous, this time with Ferrari and with another injured. Udinese is saved and continues to defend himself tooth and nail.16:44

  • 83′

    A great opportunity for Sassuolo, who hit the crossbar with a perfect header from Mulatieri.16:42

  • 78′

    First substitution for Udinese, with Feste Iboseli coming off and Adam Masina coming on.16:37

  • 77′

    Yellow card for Feste Ebusele.16:37

  • 76′

    Goal! Udinese – Sassuolo 1-2 Domenico Berardi goal! Neroverdi winger displaces Silvestri from a penalty kick that went straight into the corner.

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    Take a look at Domenico Berardi’s player profile16:35

    Domenico Berardi
  • 75′

    Penalty kick for Sassuolo after a foul by Ebuselli on Pinamonti.16:34

  • 71′

    Substitution for Udinese, with Hassan Kamara leaving and Kingsley Ezebwe entering.16:32

  • 71′

    Substitution for Sassuolo, with Marcus Pedersen leaving and Samuel Mulatieri entering.16:30

  • 70′

    A great opportunity for Sassuolo, who is close to scoring with Ferrari: Silvestri did a good job of blocking the goal and avoiding it, with a score of 2-1.16:28

  • 67′

    Opportunity for Sassuolo with Llorente taking a very nice free kick on the edge of the penalty area: but the blockers are blocked and the Udinese defense clears without too many problems.16:27

  • 63′

    With the extra man, Sassuolo takes the field and comes close to scoring with Thorstedt: a wonderful Berardi cross for the Norwegian who hits it hard and misses from very close range.16:22

  • 59′

    Red card for Martin Bayro after a strong challenge with Erlich.16:18

  • 57′

    Substitution for Sassuolo, with Daniel Poloka leaving and Christian Volpato entering.16:16

  • 55′

    Goal! Udinese – Sassuolo 2-0 Roberto Pereira goal! Continuous movement from Pereira who, thanks to the rebound, confronts Consigli face to face: the Uruguayan makes no mistake and doubles the score for the Bianconeri.

    Take a look at Roberto Pereira’s player profile16:16

    Roberto Pereira
  • 53′

    Llorente tries to take a free kick from a distance, but the ball ends up wide of the goal, to the left of the goal defended by Silvestri.16:13

  • 50′

    The physical problems suffered by Pedersen forced Sassuolo’s medical staff to enter the field to receive treatment.16:09

  • 46′

    The second half of the Udinese-Sassuolo match begins!16:04

  • A change is needed at Sassuolo, with Casteljo and Bajrami who can undoubtedly suit Dionissi given the attacking barrenness shown by Sassuolo in the first half. But at Udinese, Samardzic plays on the bench.15:50

  • The first half isn’t really fun. The match was very physical, nervous and aggressive at its core, sometimes a little too much. The two teams are playing for important points and the tension is palpable. The pace is not very high, mistakes are many, and the match is fragmented. Despite this, the goal arrives and belongs to Udinese, particularly thanks to a precise header from Luca that sent Udinese into a one-goal half-time lead.15:49

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  • 45’+2′

    End of the first half of the match between Udinese and Sassuolo, and Luca scores!15:49

  • 45′

    Two minutes of extra time were awarded.15:47

  • 44′

    Sassuolo’s reaction did not arrive. There is a lot of tension on the pitch and it certainly does not help the show. Several errors and a very fragmented match.15:46

  • 39′

    Physical problems for Andrea Pinamonti: Sassuolo’s medical staff had to enter the field to receive the necessary treatment.15:40

  • 36′

    Goal! Udinese – Sassuolo 1-0 Lorenzo Luca goal! A brilliant cross from Pereira who caught the Udinese striker with precision: Luca, without jumping, managed to anticipate the Ferrari and beat Consili to score the opening goal.

    Take a look at Lorenzo Luca’s player profile15:39

    Lorenzo Luca
  • 32′

    Sassuolo were dangerous and within two minutes they got to the ball with Llorente first and with Pinamonti: in both cases Perez did a good job of closing the ball accurately and avoiding further problems.15:33

  • 29′

    The match was completely blocked in half an hour. Many mistakes in possession management and above all too much effort in creating truly noteworthy opportunities.15:31

  • 25′

    After 25 minutes, the total number of shots on goal is 3: 2 for Sassuolo, 1 for Udinese.15:27

  • 20′

    Yellow card for Marcus Pedersen.15:21

  • 17′

    After the first ten minutes, the pace dropped dramatically. Lots of mistakes and therefore a very fragmented match, with two teams in full study.15:19

  • 13′

    Here comes Udinese’s response: an excellent starting point from Kamara, who launched a perfect cross that Luca actually missed by a few centimeters.15:14

  • 8′

    Sassuolo’s first concrete outburst with Llorente serving Thorstedt in the area: the Norwegian expects Perez, but fails to worry Silvestri much.15:08

  • 5′

    The match started open right away: both teams challenged each other without any restrictions, playing at a high pace from the first minutes. On the one hand Llorente and on the other hand Lovric, they seem to have the most possession of the ball.15:06

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  • 1′

    The first half of the Udinese-Sassuolo match begins!15:01

  • Sassuolo Udinese has not been defeated in Serie A since 17 March 2018 (1-2 in Friuli with goals from Fofana and Sensi and an own goal by Adnan): Since then, in 10 matches, the Friulians have won five and drawn five.14:15

  • Before this season, Udinese had achieved one victory or less only once in its Serie A history in the first 15 league matches of the season: in the 1961/62 season, a year in which they finished in 18th place (last place) with the consequent From falling. In the second division.14:15

  • Dionissi selections: Thorsvedt plays in attacking midfield, while in defense Pedersen plays on the left lane, Toljan on the right and Ehrlich and Ferrari in the middle. Poloka confirmed in midfield alongside Henrique.14:14

  • Cioffi’s choices: A surprise with Samardzic’s presence on the bench, with Lovric returning to the starting lineup in midfield. Luca strengthened his attack from the first minute with support from Pereira. On the left lane there is space for Kamara, and Zemora on the bench.14:11

  • Sassuolo bench: Bigolo, Cragno, Messouri, Molatieri, Bajrami, Cid, Casteljo, Volpato, Valasca, Leuven, Lipari.14:09

  • Pancina Udinese: Okoye, Baddele, Masina, Zarraga, Success, Quina, Tekvik, Ezebue, Camara, Samardzic, Toffin, Bafundi.14:09

  • Sassuolo lineup (4-2-3-1): Recommendations – Toljan, Erlich, Ferrari, Pedersen – Henrique, Poloka – Berardi, Thorstedt, Llorente – Pinamonti.14:08

  • Udinese lineup (3-5-1-1): Silvestri – Kabasele, Christensen, Perez – Ibosele, Lovric, Wallace, Bayrou, Camara – Pereira – Luca.14:07

  • Udinese is coming off a heavy defeat away to Inter 4-0, and Sassuolo also came back from an away defeat to Cagliari, resulting in a 2-1 result for Sardinia.14:02

  • Welcome to the live match of round 16 of the Italian League, Udinese and Sassuolo face each other.14:00

  • Where the match will be held:

    Stadium: Blue Energy Stadium
    City: Udine
    Capacity: 25,144 spectators14:00

    Blue Energy StadiumFonti: Getty Images
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