Lukaku will be at Chelsea on Monday

Lukaku will be at Chelsea on Monday

With a move to Inter skipped, the Belgian striker will be seen at Cobham awaiting relegation at Juventus or elsewhere. But he will not go on a US tour with The Blues

By our correspondent David Cinnellato


– London

And now Chelsea is waiting for Romelu Lukaku. In the chaos that engulfed the Belgian striker after his break with Inter, two things remained certain: that his future would not be with the Blues, who are only waiting for a team ready to pay at least 40 million euros (and preferably 45) and that he would appear on Monday at Cobham to start training. A situation Chelsea were convinced to avoid, and are now sure they can sell the now ex-Nerazurri outright ahead of a call-up, now seems inevitable. In fact, the player has informed Pochettino that he will be at the team’s training center on Monday.


Lukaku was initially called up by Chelsea on Wednesday, and new boss Mauricio Pochettino was waiting for him in his office “first of all to say hello, like all my players.” Thanks to what appeared to be the rapid development of negotiations with Inter, however, Lukaku has been allowed not to feature this week, with Cobham’s call-up delayed until Monday. When neither Pochettino nor the rest of his teammates are there to greet, which the Belgian doesn’t want, given that Chelsea are leaving for the tour in the US for which the Belgian obviously wasn’t called up. Lukaku will find two more unwanted players: Pierre Aubameyang and Hakim Ziyech, like him awaiting accommodation.

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the situation

After skipping a deal with Inter when it appeared to be closed, Chelsea are waiting for someone to make a move for Lukaku. Juventus offered 40m, including bonuses, but with the stipulation that Vlahović be sold by August 4th, the Blues had considered but weren’t quite convincing. The Arab track remains, with the show passing 40m, but Lukaku seems to continue not to like it. Chelsea should just wait. And Lukaku just has to show up at Cobham’s and start training again. alone or almost.

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