Inter, official Mkhitaryan: “The first Armenians in our history follow in the footsteps of Djorkev” | first page

Inter, official Mkhitaryan: “The first Armenians in our history follow in the footsteps of Djorkev” |  first page

After the contract was deposited in the league, also dated yesterday Inter have officially awarded the arrival of Henrikh Mkhitaryanthe midfielder who signed a two-year contract after the deadline with Rome. “There’s a new Nerazzurri in town.”caption of the arrival of the Armenian.

the press – This is the entire press release: “There is a world, within Henrikh Mkhitaryan. There are many languages ​​spoken, there are countries visited, teams of clubs, colleagues of different nationalities, great coaches. There is a world, but there are also deep roots, covered by a very sad person, whose face has always On and off the field.

“The first Armenian in the history of Inter: Henrikh’s story begins from Yerevan, on January 21, 1989. The son of Hamlet, professional footballer, offensive role. He was born in Armenia, but little Henrikh grew up in France. Because my father plays in it second place, the French division, Scoring several goals, the father-son coexistence finely boosted the ball’s signal but was broken by illness that left Henrikh without Hamlet.

The football seed is sown and sown in the most dedicated manner. At the age of 13, Mkhitaryan travels to Brazil, to São Paulo. He trains in the facilities of the Brazilian team, and shares a room with a boy who is older than him: it is Hernans, in one of those coincidences that add a touch of Nerazzurri to his career.

Work on technique and learn different and exotic football plays. and learn another language. It is added to the Armenian and French Portuguese, a language spoken for a long time in Ukraine, when half of Shakhtar’s comrades are Brazilian. Ukraine is exactly where Henrikh thrives, between Metallurg first and above all Shakhtar next, with another former Nerazzurri coach, Mircea Lucescu.”

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In 2012-2013 he finished the season with 29 goals: direct football, no frills, useful. Facilitator of offensive maneuvers, as well as the final designer. The next step is Germany, in Borussia Dortmund, with Klopp first, and then with Tuchel. The gameplay systems that enhance it before jumping into the Premier League. Manchester United and Arsenal: Three seasons, with – among other successes – winning the European League title in the Red Devils shirt with a goal in the final.

Armenia, France, Brazil, Ukraine, Germany and England. Many stages before Italy. In Rome in three seasons he collected 116 seasons and 29 goals, winning the Conference League title.

From the sofa of the home of Valence in Milan: Henrich’s journey is rich with another phase. In the colors of the Nerazzurri, with the allure of Armenia, reminiscent of the origins of another former Inter great player, Yuri Djorkaev.

Hello Henrikh! “.

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