March 30, 2023

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Allegri does not want him: Juventus sell him to Ancelotti

Real Madrid suddenly put one of Juventus’ surpluses from last summer in their eyes

It’s already time for the transfer market at home Juventus Although still missing a month and a half before the official opening of the winter window. The Juventus management is well aware that if good news does not arrive from the infirmary, a new incoming redesign may be necessary.

Ancelotti and Allegri © La Presse

In the last period, also due to the many absences that the midfield suffered due to Paul’s injuries Pogba and leander paredes, Maximilian cheerful Found in light-heartedness Bean And the mereti Quality out of the negative moment. Two young men grew up in Juventus who in time managed to seize the opportunity presented to them in the best possible way.

The courage of a Tuscan coach who has been repaid can therefore have very positive effects in view of the future. However, back in the summer of last year, among the many talents on the launchpad that Juventus had, there was also the very young Niccolo. rovilla, Midfielder taken from Genoa in January 2021 for €26m and sent on loan at the start of the season to Monza.

Juve transfer market, Ancelotti charmed by Rouvella: Real Madrid is thinking about it

Juve transfer market, Ancelotti charmed by Rouvella: Real Madrid is thinking about it
Nicolò Rovella © La Presse

In Brianza’s new experience, the class of 2001 took little time to become one of the midfield leaders despite his young age. sway with Monza He was explosive from the first moment, and given the shortcomings he suffered in the first months of this season, at home Juventus Surely someone has looked at the performance of the former Genoa With a bit of regret for not believing him enough.

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According to the latest rumors from “El Nacional”, the growth of Rovela He was going to impress one of the greatest coaches, Carlo Ancelotti. Technical Real Madrid, Fascinated by the boy’s qualities, he was already going to indicate his profile to the “Blanca” management next summer as a possible replacement for midfielders.

In the face of a valuation of about 35 million euros that Juventus Makes his price, for the Spanish club it will be no problem at all to meet the Italian club’s demand to win Rovelaand return from the loan to Monza sincere.