Atalanta Roma and Gasperini and the goal canceled: “An unjustified mistake”

The coach returns to the controversy over Atalanta and Roma: “Irati thought it was Palomino’s goal, maybe there was a communication defect”

Gian Piero Gasperini does not change the line. The cancellation of the goal 2-2, the decisive episode of Atalanta Roma, did not go well for him, and he repeated it on TV, as a Sky guest: “The episode of Casey (a goal in Milan with Napoli was canceled). In the final with dynamics somewhat similar to the dynamics Bergamo) I didn’t see him because I was in the car. In my opinion, yesterday’s episode is still different, what Irrate knew was that Palomino had scored and therefore it was offside, the goal. It might have been a call error, but if he had got an actual offside he would have gone to see him again “.


“There is no justification – says Gasperini – because the VAR cannot decide whether the offside is active or passive. If he went to review it, the referee’s interpretation would have accepted it anyway. It appears that these recordings between them are a state secret. They let us listen. There can also be a mistake, just admit that you made a mess, otherwise there is always suspicion that something is wrong. There is a possibility of clarification, then it is clear that the referee’s mistake is acceptable in yesterday’s match for example, there was also a clear penalty on the Zapata, but that’s a mistake by the referee and you accept it.”

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