Federica Pellegrini says yes to Matteo Giunta: marriage is on the horizon – Corriere.it

Signature post on Instagram on Saturday night Federica PellegriniQuoting Vasco Rossi: You, me and the whole world: Yes. A kiss with Matteo Giunta. Marriage on the horizon On the god of swimming, her ex-trainer, and boyfriend confirming it again via social media, citing Jovanotti: IM a lucky man (He said yes).

Military Council , Put a little between them From public disclosure, as the same Fede Tokyo joked, he now repeats: I am a lucky boy: his dream is called Federica. Relationship – which started rumored years ago In the environment – which we always live with caution and secrecy and then confirmed in Tokyo – it is thus on the verge of another quantum leap.

Federica’s ex-boyfriend Filippo Magnini has long been said to have persuaded her athletic trainer, as well as Matteo’s cousin (former assistant coach Philippe Lucas), to work with Pellegrini. With whom, among other things, he won and conquered two world 200 freestyle championships in 2017 and 2019 The fifth Olympic final of his career.

Besari, 39 years old, brother, passionate about basketball and tennis, A polite, reserved and calculated man arrivedOr that from day one of this adventure, he immediately understood what was going on, and that even when the story between Magnini and Federica ended in 2017, he always chose the low, extremely vulnerable character path.

Now a new chapter begins: Federica, in terms of television commitments, will support those as a member of the International Olympic Committee, while Mathieu remains a federal technician.

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