WhatsApp, two new buttons have been introduced: here’s what they’ll be used for

WhatsApp, two new buttons have been introduced: here’s what they’ll be used for

WhatsApp’s Meta redesign continues: everything you need to know about the new button functions. You will be speechless.

The new feature was released a bit patchy, some already have it and are taking advantage of it after updating the app, and in a few days it will become a global phenomenon. In the meantime, not before it is implemented Fix for status updatesNew buttons appear.

WhatsApp, two new buttons have been introduced: This is what will be used for-Abruzzo.cityrumors.it

Not only PIN messagesWith a new reply bar and an overhaul for status updates, Meta continues to transform WhatsApp, the world’s number one instant messaging app, which has reached over two and a half billion users.

WhatsApp, Mobile and Hot Buttons: The interface experience has improved significantly

The news was discovered by the always knowledgeable and reliable wabetainfo team, which is always a harbinger of anticipation. In fact, from the displayed screens, it can be seen Two new buttons in the status updates header, is currently available to beta testers. what is he talking about?

WhatsApp, what will the two new buttons be used for?
WhatsApp, PIN message and new buttons among the latest news – Abruzzo.cityrumors.it

Basically great shortcuts for both the camera button and the pencil icon. You’ll be able to share options, photos, videos, GIFs, and texts as status updates faster than the current status.

Easier sharing with your contacts in your address book. Some users are already experimenting with a different configuration For this feature, these shortcuts are added to the three-dot menu.

The design is of particular interest because it matches the new WhatsApp redesign. Not only does it provide a more intuitive way to share different content, but it also improves the overall user experience, in line with a more modern interface.

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Previously, WhatsApp had two floating action buttons to make it easier to share status content. But since the introduction of channels in the Updates tab, these effective floating buttons, hence the correct change: By integrating the camera and pencil icons into the header of status updates, WhatsApp is improving the user experience, and management with the aim of maintaining Cleaner and more organized interface appearance,and thus intuitive.

The new status updates header layout is available to select beta testers who install the latest WhatsApp beta for Android from the Google Play Store and will be rolled out to more users in the coming days.

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