Today’s Big Brother episode, December 4: Polls, news

Today’s Big Brother episode, December 4: Polls, news

Big Brother 2023. Image courtesy of Endemol Shine Italy press office

The twenty-fourth live episode of Big Brother 2023 tonight, Monday 4 December. With the television broadcast, the fate of the 6+1 contestants who end up being nominated will be determined. One of them is in danger of being eliminated: who will follow Angelica, who was forced to leave the house a week ago? But we also talk about New arrivals.

Big Brother 2023: Angelica Baraldi must leave the house | video

What time does BIG BROTHER start today, December 4, on TV and live?

The appointment is 9.20pm on Canale 5 and broadcast live Mediaset Infinity. With Alfonso Signorini, Cesara Bonamisi and Rebecca Staveli in the studio. Next live broadcast: Thursday, December 7.

from Monday to Friday Italy 1 There are two arrivals: 12.15pm and 1pm (also on Saturday and Sunday). on A5 There are reruns of the evening primetime live broadcast, as well as daily live windows.

the Big Brother 2023 It can also be seen on Mediaset Extra. Competitors can be reached daily, live, on the website and on the app Mediaset Infinity Come here A5.

Big Brother 2023

Image courtesy of Endemol Shine Italy press office

GF 2024 Today’s episode, December 4: Who are the contenders for the nomination?

Six joined them Anita Olivieri whose “punishment” has been determined by Big Brother 2023 production.

Because Anita was punished live

Six + 1 because Anita was added to the roommates who ended up being nominated after being subjected to disciplinary action. In fact, he received a note from abroad. This is prohibited by the regulation, which requires the complete isolation of competitors.

GF 2023: Comparison between Anita and Beatrice | video

Big Brother 2023, competition news: Perla, Mirko and Greta are in the eye of the storm

During the final live episode of Big Brother 2023 on Saturday, December 2, according to the schedule, no eliminations took place. Love triangle between Perla Fatero, Mirko Brunetti and Greta Rossetti. But there was also time for the “Curtain” dedicated to the quarrel between Beatrice and Giuseppe Garibaldi’s father.

Greta Rossetti, comparison with Perla | video

Big Brother 2023: Vote on nominations

How we got there 6 candidates tonight? Grecia, Rosé, Massimiliano and Vittorio pointed the finger at Perla while Mirko pointed at Rosé. At the same time Giuseppe was chosen by Alex and Grecia ended up being nominated by Perla, Beatrice, Paolo, Giuseppe and Letizia. Anita nominated Alex, while Fiordaliso voted for Paolo.

Fiordaliso and Massimiliano were immune thanks to the columnist’s vote Cesara Bonamisi. Vittorio and Beatrice (winners of the last TV vote) make their choice in the confessional. As a result, the remaining nominations were clear.

Big Brother 2023

Image courtesy of Endemol Shine Italy press office

Big Brother News: Will new rivals come soon?

second TV Blog And World TV 24 It will be the model Federico Massaro. Other sites say with him that he will also pass through the red door of the Big Brother 2023 house Monia La Ferreiraex-girlfriend of Massimiliano Varese.

Big Brother 2023

Image courtesy of Endemol Shine Italy press office

Below are the percentages that emerge from the survey organized by Forum Free

  • Greece Colmenares 37.10%
  • Perla Fatero 27.17%
  • Alex Schwatzer 11.17%
  • Giuseppe Garibaldi 8.68%
  • Rosie Chen 8.44%
  • Paolo Masetti 7.44%

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