Who were associated with Andrea Maestrelli and Davide Donadi? VIP Big Brother

Who were associated with Andrea Maestrelli and Davide Donadi?  VIP Big Brother
Andrew And the David They begin to take stock of their first week at the Big Brother House. The two competitors feel a little left out from the rest of the group, and if on the one hand this feeling is attributable to the short time he spent in the Cinecittà Loft, on the other hand Davide expresses his fears that the strategy is hiding: “What if they did this to have an excuse to name us?”

Andrea doesn’t believe such behavior is possible, but also notes that he’s received a little coldness and openness, providing the comfort of the few.

It adds to the conversation Anthony who tries to advise each of the newcomers: let yourself go, and be faithful, even when you are wrong. Being yourself always pays off, the hairstylist continues.

However, while there are some roommates with whom Andrea and Davide begin to establish a relationship, there is a significant figure who does not count on the restaurateur properly. David admits to the listening contestants that he cannot relate to them onestiniWhich person is considered very inconspicuous and looking for attention: Then he says the same things to everyone. says the contestant.

The pyramid problem that we heard in the episode, v NikitaAs he said it against me. Pops the restaurateur.

Moreover, he adds that he also doubts the issue of relationship with the model, and recounts his impression. “I think he wanted to bring in new rivals on his side.” David concludes.

Andrea and Antonino express their bewilderment, but remain enigmatic. What is certain is that the three contenders have begun to bond and there seems to be no misunderstanding and ambiguity between them in the least.

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