Olbia, Francesco Mariani, Young Regional Science Champion

Olbia, Francesco Mariani, Young Regional Science Champion

Olbia. Described by his teachers as “a student who goes beyond boundaries”, as a curious boy who loved to deepen and enrich his knowledge independently, not limited to the subjects included in the school programmes, at the age of sixteen he was already excelling in scientific subjects: not only Regional Champion in Natural Sciences Competitionhaving first arrived in Sardinia last academic year, for two years at the Musa Scientific Secondary School in Olbia, but also Winner of twentieth place in the national competition The one held in Assisi, which saw him win the record, in this case also, among all Sardinian students.

But Francesco, for his part, although aware of his talent, or rather, as he himself defines his abilities, “his willingness to learn quickly,” He likes to introduce himself as “a very ordinary boy.”with the typical life of a teenager of his age, full of commitments and emotions that go beyond studies and involve him personally in various areas of family, social relationships and friendships, as well as sports, to which he has recently devoted himself in an important way with the aim of competing also in the field of bodybuilding, and not only in the scientific field.

“I’ve been described as a typical kid who’s always in books, but I’m actually not a nerd; I don’t see myself in that figure. I’m just a regular boy, living an extracurricular life very similar to that of many other boys my age, made up of family and friendships.” And sports and passion, but I was born with the talent to learn quickly, fascinated by culture, curious and intelligent. With the desire to study some subjects, especially in the scientific field. Participating in competitions, especially national ones, was a very positive experience, as the high general level of preparation allowed me to compete with distinction, and I was able to “I have the opportunity to learn a lot from them. I do not see my achievements as a reason for bragging, but rather as a duty as a student and an incentive to expand and deepen my knowledge, and improve myself more and more,” declares Francesco, and continues: “My passion for science has always been with me and when I grow up I would like to become an astrophysicist. Since I was a child I have been passionate about the solar system, I was particularly fascinated by black holes, and today I intend to attend college in physics after high school. I am currently independently researching the Big Bounce cosmological theory, also known as the Big Bounce Theory, which attempts to describe the origin of the universe starting with the existence of a previous universe. I believe that in life it is necessary to ask questions, and I believe that the most authentic answers are sometimes hidden behind simple concepts that are taken for granted,” concludes Mariani, says a real scientist.

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