L’Isola dei Famosi: Skipping Thursday?

L’Isola dei Famosi: Skipping Thursday?

It seems that the double date with the well-known reality L’Isola dei Famosi will stop during this week … what will happen?

After some recent rumors, it was an episode Celebrity Island Scheduled for next Thursday may not be broadcast. Still, website reality show Mediaset was conducted before ilary plassi It has a strong following and various competitors continue to surprise loyal viewers.

But according to what has been reported so far, the well-known reality will not be broadcast as usual on Thursdays. One of the novelties this year is actually a double appointment with Celebrity IslandMonday and Thursday. But next Thursday, it seems that the reality episode is not planned and there is another program to replace it….

Celebrity Island: Has the double date been cancelled?

L & # 8217;  Island of the Famous: Skipping Thursday?

He’s a well-known gossip blogger David Maggio To put “fleas in the ear” for most people. Apparently, from what we have learned from Davidemaggio.it, it does not appear that the Thursday April 21st episode of Isola dei Famosi was broadcast. Don’t worry for the next episode instead. That is, for the so-called Easter Monday – Monday, April 18 – a very popular evening with Celebrity Island More than has been confirmed.

But why was the Thursday appointment canceled at the present time? The reason is that a departure – or rather a restart – has to be presented another reality show. We are talking about moderatorswhich Thursday’s re-release appears to be usually dedicated to the adventure of the game you’re running ilary plassi.

Reason for cancellation will be moderators permission, or the Spanish version of Celebrity Island. Not only the same TV date, but moderators share with Celebrity Island Also some nice spaces Honduras.

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But don’t worry, the Spanish reality shows that Italian “tradition” will never steal the show, quite the contrary. The two reality shows, however similar and alike, would be able to have the same spaces and one wouldn’t hinder the other at all. Simply in order to launch moderatorsAnd Celebrity Island He will make the first – and only – effort.

As for upcoming appointments instead, Celebrity Island 2022 She will continue to keep viewers company on Mondays and Thursdays. The only difference would be one: Thursday’s episodes can no longer be live but taped, then aired in prime time at Channel 5. The reason is always close to the new date b moderatorswhose primary appointment will always be on Thursday.

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